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Monday, May 13, 2013

Stop Awful Covers 11

The eleventh chapter of the Awful Covers Series is here... in all its glorious bad taste. Another round of atrocious sleeves to show you how a musician can ruin and disrespect his/her work. Please stop...


 Wampire:  Curiosity
The only curiosity is knowing which kind of drug they took when they decided to this sleeve.
Jai PaulJai Paul
Definition of kitsch or tacky? Poor animals, is not their fault.

Shannon and the Clams: Dreams in the Rat House
There's at least one hobbit missing here... plus some good taste.

Guided By Voices: Noble Insect
More about animals from a band that repeats here. The insect can be noble, but the sleeve designer...

Brooke Waggoner: Originator
More on Lord of the Rings. This must be an homage to Galadriel without the 281 million $.

  Niagara: Otto
Or regular dose of zero work comes punctual to its date. Now in pink.
Pintandwefall: Be My Baby
What the hell is that? Wouldn't be your baby even if there would be the only chance to mankind to survive.
Deep Purple: Now What?!
Now what? My advice is retirement.. or at least change the artwork, please (this one is dedicated to my dad).  

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