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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Primavera Sound 2015 in brief, day 2

Quickly following the previous post with the opening day, here's the quick review of our first "big day", Thursday 28th, at the Primavera Sound Festival 2015. Quite a bit to highlight!

The Good
The Replacements: Never been a huge fan, but seeing a band so damn solid at Primavera stage, with Paul Westenberg attacking relentlessly the tunes, having fun with the snippets, including Joy Division and the Jackson 5. And to hear 'Color Me Impressed', 'Left of the Dial', and the immense 'Alex Chilton' (goosebumps, goosebumps all over, is there a more flammable chorus?) was just memorable. Eternal songs, eternal band.
 The Replacements, rock left of the dial. Photo: Bloodbuzzed 
Viet Cong: With a couple of tunes extended to, imo, an unnecessary and pointless length, their show was flawless, fierce, tense, menacing. Here an explosive band with an incredible potential.
Viet Cong, march of post-punk-rock. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The Bad
Black Keys: Awful, extremely flat sound at the Heineken stage for what it (on paper) was one of the biggest headliners of the Festival. I'm not a fan of their music, but I was hoping for a fun, playful gig. Regrettably, it wouldn't be the last time the sound issues at that stage appeared.

The Queen
Twerps: Have you ever had the feeling that, despite you are going to see a band for the first time, you already know it will be a great show? When there's no doubt you're are about to enjoy one of "these moments" only music can offer you? That's what happened with Twerps at Pitchfork. 'Range Anxiety' is one of the records of the year (won't waste any single second on this, IT IS, period), and indiepop gems like 'I Don't Mind', 'Back to You' or 'Shoulders', to name just three, proved. 45 minutes of pure magic, a perennial smile on the face of this humble blogger from start to finish. Once again, what would we do without Antipodean pop?
Twerps, the worst band name for such a wonderful band. Photo: Bloodbuzzed 
Brief of the second "big day" of the PS15, Friday 30th arriving as quickly as we can!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Primavera Sound 2015 in brief, day 1

You find us right in the middle of Primavera Sound 2015' week so, it's time, like we did on previous editions, to begin our quick chronicles of each day of the Festival. To begin with, our particular opening day!

The Good
Heavy-pop: Our beloved friends Las Ruinas were the responsible of opening Primavera at the Forum on Wednesday. Yes, it was pretty early on a working day, so the crowd was mainly composed of familiar faces And yes, it wasn't the best of their gigs (seen them a dozen of times) but what a great way to start a Festival! A band that combines talent, playfulness and attitude. Plus songs, many many songs: 'El Olivar', 'Secundarios del mundo, uníos!', 'Ramón y Cajal', 'Cerveza beer', 'Un regalo', 'OVNI'...
Edu Chirinos, heavy-pop champ. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The Bad
Christina Rosenvinge: I do believe Rosenvinge's career, at least since 'Tu labio superior', deserves to be followed. But the gig at Fòrum was... flat, sadly. An understatement compared with the records, subtle and precious pop, combined with awkward moments of distortion, noise or unnecessary howls.
Cristina Rosenvinge, lady Dolores. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

The Queen
Cinerama: Can't be impartial if we talk about David Gedge: we like him so much. But it was the first time seeing Cinerama, after the show at Apolo at the line-up presentation was ruined because of people too worried about grabbing another free beer and chat, showing no respect for the band playing. Questions arised before the gig: Would the Fòrum be the right place for such a delicate and rich proposal, chamber pop with half a orchestra live? Would people behave (the entrance on Wednesday was free for everyone interested)? Luckily, the answer to both questions was yes, a categorical yes. David crooning, flute and trumpet embellishing instantly attractive tunes... Haunting 45 minutes of great pop. Did we say we love David Gedge?
Dress up to pop with Cinerama. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

Brief of the first "big day" of the PS15, Thursday 28th, coming very soon here!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ready for Primavera Sound Festival 2015!

Accredited and ready for the Festival to begin! 

Here we go, Primavera Sound Festival 2015! We'll keep you posted!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 56

Meanwhile the (in capital letters) Week of Music, the Primavera Sound Festival in few dayswe propose you a new round of our TOP TEN playlist, with the tunes we have been enjoying the most lately. This time, we bring you an eclectic, diverse bunch of groups, ranging from the dark proposal of Mercury Girls to more "pure" indie pop songs like Linden or The Smoking Trees, without forgetting a nice dose of national bands like Mourn or Ghost Transmission (yeah, it's our latest love). Take care, rest, gather all the energy you can, you're going to need it the forthcoming days and don't forget to join us at our Soundcloud blog page!

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Discoverer 115: new indie findings

Three quite different, but equally amazing proposals for you to enjoy in our discoveries' this weekend!

Mikal Cronin. Let's start in Laguna Beach, California, with this incredibly skilled singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Cronin has been around for quite a while, being part of bands like Epsilons, Charlie and the Moonhearts, Party Fowl, Okie Dokie and, most known, playing bass and backing vocals with Ty Segall. In 2010 he began his solo career with 7" 'Gone', followed by 7" 'Tide' and his debut album 'Mikal Cronin' out in Trouble in Mund in 2011. The buzz started rolling so he got signed by Merge Records, releasing sophomore LP, 'MCII' in 2013, to unanimous acclaim. Now he's back with 'MCIII', out this month, completing the picture. The energy and loose joy of garage-rock packed with lush, brianwilsonesque arrangements and an unmatched talent for melodies. The time to tell (very personal) stories melted with the urgency of shimmering guitar lines and surprising bits of instrumentation. Found (just in time for Primavera Sound) a genius!

Funeral Advantage. Let's move to Boston, MA, to meet Tyler Kershaw. In 2013 he began his lo-fi bedroom pop project releasing a demo tape and split 7" with Caténine on Disposable America. But since then it has evolved into a full band with an impressive cv of gigs alongside Alvvays, Whirr or Craft Spells. This 2015 they have released the double a-side 'Not In My House / That's That' with The Native Sound and, in April, another split 7" with Former Ghosts, with debut album scheduled later in the year. Moody, reverb-drenched dreampop crafted with jangly guitars. Looking forward to Kershaw's band new tunes. Most promising.
Murder Shoes. Glad to go back to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and introduce you another exciting band from Land Ski Records' roster. Here's an indie rock quintet, initially the music vehicle of Derek Van Gieson and Chris White under the name of A Marriage at Nevers. But they quickly found Tess Weinberg, Elliot Manthey and Tim Heinlein to complete the line-up. Murder Shoes was born and two EPs, 'Cash on Fire', in late 2014, and self-titled 'Murder Shoes', out now, demonstrate how powerful the combo can be. Guitar-driven indie rock with a shocking ability to morph into surf, immediate pop or a more atmospheric, dark post-punk, at their will, always with the irresistible voice (killer, killer, killer) of Tess Weinberg, reminiscent of Widowspeak's Molly Hamilton, leading the mix. Seductive and fun. What else can you ask for? Just one thing: more! 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Spanish Indie 24: suggesting the best national acts

Not the first time, and with the amazing taste and ear of Rafa and Joan to sign exciting bands I'm pretty sure it won't be the last, this next round of national discoveries is devoted to one of our dearest labels, El Genio Equivocado. Three more mind-blowing bands to add to their immaculate roster. Sonic gold!

Ghost Transmission. Hailing from Xàtiva, Valencia, the band started in 2012, initially as a trio but now as a quartet, self-releasing their own material and playing several concerts. Despite first demos were completely homemade, they got the opportunity to play in festivals and gigs like Make Noise in Barcelona. A year later they repeated the process, but with a more defined sound and clearer ideas, self-recording three more songs under the title of 'Mirror' EP. After some more gigs, during the summer of 2014 they locked into Estudios Tigruss to record their debut album, entitled 'Apparitions', out now via El Genio Equivocado. An LP fated to be among the best national records of the year, thanks to a thunderous combination of melody and shoegaze, The Raveonettes and The Jesus and Mary Chain's spirit channeled in hyper-addictive tunes and a fierce, no-boundaries attitude live. I believe in ghosts from now on.

Cómo Vivir en el Campo. After this very curious name hides a trio formed in Madrid that, after some self-recorded albums, released their first proper LP 'CVEEC' in 2012 on Discos Calabaza, with their music traveling somewhere between the Californian sounds of the 60’s and 90’s noise pop, giving shape to a bright, radiant, dark and ambiguous pop sung in Spanish. After getting enlisted by El Genio Equivocado, last summer they recorded second album 'CVEEC 2', out that September, which opened the doors of festivals like Primavera Club. Understandable considering they have even widened their palette of sounds, everything seems to fit naturally with them: from krautrock to indie pop, from instrumental sounds and Latin touches, experimentation and melody. One hell of a proposal, catchy & exciting as well as adventurous, powerfully performed live. Let's move out from the city!

El Lago Oscuro de la Broca. And we end the proposals in Zamora, with a quintet born in mid-2008. Been around from a little while they built a reputation of "one of the best kept secret of the Spanish scene" and "band to watch" thanks to performances at Sonorama Festival, Microsonidos and gigs around the country until, at the end of 2014, El Genio Equivocado signed them. The label immediately released advance single 'Los Líderes Africanos'. anticipating their flawless debut album, 'Beta', out since this March. A stormy, frighteningly solid, relentless and shocking treaty of shoegaze, noise-rock and post-punk, atmospheric yet at the same time straightforward. A very special, knockout band.

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 55

The worst of summer appeared this week: unhealthy air, excruciating heat and tension-bound situations. So what we propose now you is to take a refreshing break with a new round of our TOP TEN playlist, with the tunes we have been enjoying the most lately. Several beloved bands of this blog are included, like the amazing new signature from our dear friends El Genio Equivocado, Ghost Transmission (if you fancy the song, go watch them live, stunning!), or new tunes from our beloved Young Romance and Neleonard. But, as usual, there's no forgetting exciting new discoveries like Froth or Num Bats. Take care, have fun and don't forget to join us at our Soundcloud blog page!

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Monday, May 11, 2015

A week with Boutade (part II)

Boutade, La Maceta, Barcelona, April 30th

Boutade, acoustic solidarity. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

Second chapter of our "underground adventure" alongside with local band Boutade. After the first gig played at L'Ovella Negra, a venue we could define as "familiar ground" for the band, the second concert in a week was quite a different thing. Acoustic format, on a extremely eclectic bill shared with two more bands, on a bar in the middle of Gracia neighborhood, where music and pool are in the same space (luckily not happening at the same time) on a special night with a solidarity mean: all the money gathered was destined to Arquitecetes Sense Fronteres to help funding their cooperation projects in Chile and Perú.

Boutade took the opportunity as a way to experiment and try to work on a different approach of their songs. They were placed in the middle of bill, and before their time to play arrived, you can clearly see they were nervous. Will the songs work? First, debuting band, opted for a collection of covers of well-known tunes, from Jarabe de Palo to AC/DC, showing more enthusiasm and playfulness than talent. Would Boutade's serious, slightly obscure tunes work on that sort of environment? Would the acoustic adaptations of the songs have the same intensity?

The answer to both questions was an empathic YES. The short set, which comprised eight tunes from 'The Best Hunter' didn't loose a single bit of their trademark force. On the contrary, it served us to enjoy a different side of the band, with more detail to Charlie's vocal performance, to Aitor's backing vocals (maybe even too high on a couple of tunes). They suffered from the volume limiter of the vene in a couple of tunes, and they need to assemble a couple of things here and there, but the foundations and the potential is enormous. Tunes like 'Lost Friends' are fated to shine on acoustic format. But the highlight of the night? The transformation of the already wonderful 'Way to Escape' into an almost new, equally exciting tune. Have a listen & watch! Thanks Boutade!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 54

If the working week is excruciating, the weekend has to be enjoyed as much as you can. And we don't know many better ways for doing so that with exciting new music, so here's a new round of our TOP TEN playlist. New promising features from some dear labels, a couple of most welcomed returns in the form of The School and Summer Fiction and discoveries to be well aware of... Have a great weekend and don't forget to join us at our Soundcloud blog page!

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

A week with Boutade (part I)

Boutade (+ Patty Lodeiro) Ovella Negra, Barcelona, April 23rd 

Boutade, roaring indierock. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
This is a double concert review of the same band, Boutade, split on two articles. Why? Because it also tries to be a slightly different account on what goes on in the underground of our local scene. And because it's a very special post (spoiler alert): you don't review the band on which brother play that often. So I warn you. My objectivity might disappear from time to time.

"Saturday night is alright for fighting", sung Elton John. A pretty accurate definition of how hard an unsigned band has to battle to put out a show in this city (that pretends to be cool, but in all honesty is just a colossal fake). Anyway, no time to waste on many rants. Our favourite trio from Barcelona, Boutade, geared towards the emblematic Ovella Negra (how many nights of our youth wasted there), gathering many family members, friends and colleagues for a highly anticipated show. The atmosphere was relaxed, the vibes were comforting and, in typical Spanish fashion, it all began quite late, according to schedule. But it was all worth the wait.

Patty Lodeiro was the opening act of the night, in a short, warm-up, solo affair. Even despite she was suffering from throat issues, she showed her stunning vocal range which, combined with her natural sympathy, made the crowd enjoy most of the songs of her debut album 'Behind The Wire'. Next step, Primavera als Bars.

Charlie "Boutade", singer in the dark. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Quickly arrived the time for Boutade to assault the stage, introducing us into their trademark universe of bleak feelings, ever-growing developments, and blistering melodies. Told you before, 'The Best Hunter' , where craftsmanship joined ventures with life putbacks and struggling moments, but songs survived. The reason is simple. The tunes are real, fierce, the sonic catharsis of flesh, bones and soul wounds. Take opening tune of the night, 'Thundering Nights', for example. A harsh, ominous intro, followed by a whirlwind of a sound. Here's not a band to make concessions, but to tell you a story. Their story. Unique but yet at the same time, quite familiar. The universal curse.

'Way to Escape', 'Biggest Wings', 'Grey Is a Lie' followed, showing the trio's ability to easily morph from a straightforward alternative rock combo (Afghan Whigs anyone?) to a more oblique, experimental one in a matter of minutes. And although the sound at the venue wasn't perfect, losing the chance to grab the full depth of their rich compositions at times, the indierock engines were rolling during all their set.

Once nerves disappeared, the middle section of the gig, with favourite 'In My Own Desert', 'Drop of Sea', and their instant single 'White Rats', became the highlights of the night, accompanied with the fact Boutade added another member to the group in the form of a cheerful keyboardist (which is a very interesting option). This humble blogger got goosebumps a couple of times, getting lost into the music, admiring the guys giving the best they have inside themselves up on stage, getting specially emotional thinking on how one of them has grown. Yes, it's called pride.

'Melodrama', 'Dirty Water' (when will we hear new songs?) and another gem in the form of 'Lost Friends' put the end of the concert. But the night was far from being over. It was time to meet & greet the familiar faces. Another plus from dealing with talented musicians with their foot on the ground. Next chapter coming very soon, but before, here you have a video of Boutade performing 'In My Own Desert' from the gig. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Primavera Sound 2015: my draft schedule

And the day has come. It's time to, at least make the first attempt, and try to assemble the puzzle that the Primavera Sound Festival schedules' are. And also time to start digesting and make some painful choices due to the recurring, I guess they are inevitable, overlaps. So, are you ready to "play" with us? Pending on Primavera als Parcs' schedule this is what our PS 2015 looks like (initial impressions):  
Thursday, May 28th, Parc del Fòrum
18:35 Twerps (Pitchfork)
19:45 Viet Cong (Pitchfork)
21:10 The Replacements (Primavera)
22:20 Antony and the Johnsons (Heineken)* 
22:50 Spiritualized (ATP)
23:45 The Black Keys (Primavera)
The "easy" day, it goes quite smoothly, with the sole exception of missing Antony and the Johnsons (although I'm very far from being a fan, I was curious), and the clash between the highly recommendable Ought versus The Replacements.

Friday, May 29th, Parc del Fòrum
17:00 The Pastels (Heineken Hidden Stage) 
17:45 Núria Graham (Pitchfork)
19:00 Ex Hex (Pitchfork)
20:35 The Julie Ruin (Ray-Ban)
22:20 Sleater-Kinney (Heineken) 
23:45 Ride (Primavera)
The "big day" it's a pretty excruciating one. Getting into the Pastels' gig will be tough (as you have to grab the tickets well in advance that same day). There's not a lot to choose among until Ex Hex... and then overlaps all over until. Will see The Julie Ruin so bye to The New Pornographers, Patti Smith, Tobias Jesso Jr.. and also to Damien Rice and Belle and Sebastian, 'cause the important gig of the day is, of course, Sleater-Kinney. Then Ride and over? What an incredible day could have been...

Saturday, May 30th, Parc del Fòrum
16:00 Patti Smith (Auditori Rockdelux)
17:30 Ben Watt (Auditori Rockdelux) 
18:55 The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (Primavera)
20:30 Tori Amos (Ray-Ban)
21:40 DIIV (Pitchfork)
22.20 Interpol Heineken)*
23:00 Flyying Colours (H & M Pro)
23:45 The Strokes  (Primavera)
Same sad song. Nice start with Patti and Ben Watt, then a sort of a wasteland (although we'll manage) and more clashes. DIIV will be the chosen band and then, whatever happens...

Sunday, May 31th, Apolo/Sala BARTS
19:40 Soledad Vélez (BARTS) 
20:45 Torres (BARTS) 
A very relaxed day with just one gig that we really want to attend, but what a gig. We love Torres... Sure (and also hope) there will be more changes and adds to this schedule as the Festival approaches. We'll see!

* Incomplete, or depending on the distances between stages

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 53

We think that the best way to celebrate the International Worker's is with great music. For this reason, we invite you to listen to our new round of TOP TEN playlist. Ten new proposals that range between the punk style of Dog Party to the experimental noise rock of Colornoise, without forgetting a new song of our dear PinsEnjoy the long weekend and don't forget to join us at our Soundcloud blog page.

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