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Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 257

After the long hiatus stemming in the midst of the pandemic, and after the Blog's relaunch post, here we are, ready to bring you our weekly TOP TEN JUKEBOX. In this playlist you'll find tunes we have been listening the most recently, but also some songs that have been in the pipeline since February, such as the stunning latest offerings from ChemtrailsChastity Belt or Protomartyr. Because despite everything, it seems that we can give 2020 a second chance and look for the Summer with moderate optimism (if society's common sense allows it). Have a nice Sunday and join us at our Soundcloud page!

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

A Confinement's Soundtrack

WE'RE BACK! After more than three months we have decided to return. It has been a long hiatus, we know. It's not hard to understand the situation has been daunting out there (still is for half of the planet, take care friends) with the pandemic. And, in these circunstancies, we just didn't feel the logic of keep following the madness of new releases. Or, to put it simply, we weren't "in the mood" (that would require a much longer and complex explanation on culture vs consumism). But that doesn't mean we haven't been listening to music. And now that Europe is getting back to this "new normal", we feel the time has arrived to return to form and get back to our humble task of supporting independent labels (now more than ever) and bring you the most exciting music. To begin with, and in order to dust ourselves off after such a long time, here's a special playlist. One that doesn't take into consideration what's new. Just the albums, groups & artists we have been listening the most during this confinement