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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Discoverer 60: new indie findings

The 2013' harvest is being amazing so far. Here's another round of great findings!

Legs. We start in Oakland, CA, with Jeffrey Harland and Matt Bullimore beginning a personal recording project in the winter of 2011. But the batch of finished songs keep growing and with the help of friends and the addition of vocalist Amelia Adams, the quintet was born and an amazing debut album got its final shape. "Pass the Ringo", out since April, is a ridiculously solid collection of jangly guitar pop tunes drenched in reverb, so full of sun-soaked harmonies and hooks as armed with tones of vintage sounds and hazy layers that will keep you smiling all summer. What a shimmery, pleasant indiepop record. Immediate love.   
The Airplanes. Second discovery comes thank to the wise people at Indie Pop Saved My Life (to put it simply: they are infallible). This band is the work of Joshua Vest, who hails from Fayetteville, Arkansas. In October 2012 they released their self-titled debut EP (name your price download here) with a second feature, "The Jingle Jangle" EP, out since April on the great Manic Pop Records. Vest music has an irresistible, contagious vibe. Upbeat, catchy and carefree tunes. Straightforward, infectious indiepop that can be the ideal soundtrack for the summer.

Skelocrats. And our third proposal comes thanks to a classic on this blog: EardrumsPop and their wonderful free EPs. On ePop034 they introduce us to this band from Dublin, active since 2012, and members of the Popical Island collective. With three releases to date, two EPs, "Whip Crack Away" and "Hot Yoga", also available together on the exhaustive collection "The Complete Skelocrats", plus now the trio of blissful tunes courtesy of EardrumsPop (including a version of French standard "Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son") we can already make a solemn statement: this folks know how to make a pop tune. A burst of brisk and addictive indiepop to your ears.

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