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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Camera Obscura + The Very Most: double feature

Of indiepop giants! Isn't a wonderful coincidence that Camera Obscura and The Very Most have chosen the same day to unveil their new songs? Today is a legitimate indiepop day!

"Fifth In Line to the Throne" is the second tune revealed from the "Desire Lines", the new album from our beloved Glaswegian band and a radical change in style from the cheerful, immediate first single ‘Do It Again’. A gentle and magnificent ballad featuring backing vocals from Neko Case, and precisely the sort of song that proves how much the world needs to have Tracyanne Campbell back. And I just bought tickets to see them live in San Francisco, yessss!

And our beloved The Very Most just came out with the title track of their forthcoming EP "Just A Pup", available on Manic Pop Records this June. You can accuse me of favouritism, but folks, this song has indiepop C-L-A-S-S-I-C written all over. What an elegant and charming tune. Jeremy Jensen and co (hear the wonderful female vocals by Gia Trotter joining him please!) are just perfecting their craftsmanship, each new song seems to be more enduring and rich. Can't wait for the rest!

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