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Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 165

Yep, today is Thursday, but here we are, ready to unveil our TOP TEN Jukebox already! Why, you ask? What's the reason for this change of day? Well, we have an extremely exciting weekend ahead that includes...attending The National gig in Lisbon! But don't worry: we are going to leave you in great hands, thanks to the excellent company of our beloved Sufjan Stevens, the new, arresting single of Line & Circle (one of our favourite 'newcomers', for sure), the comeback of Tennis and terrific discoveries like Patsy's Rats. Not bad for just one playlist, right? Have an awesome weekend and remember, all songs are available at our Soundcloud. (Join Us!)

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 164

After another week, yes another one, of political nonsense (every day is another a 'D Day' than is followed by another and then another...) and with a growing feeling that this perennial 'Groundhog Day' is going to last for long. So here we are, once again trying to modestly compensate this uncertain, worrying times, by bringing you our last TOP TEN Jukebox! A pretty diverse playlist to properly begin the weekend, from the post-punk echoes of Drahla, the janglepop touch of Salad Boys, to the pop-punk sounds of Radiator Hospital... tunes for all tastes. Give it a try! And remember, all songs are available at our Soundcloud. (Join Us!)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Discoverer 158: new indie findings

Back with our discoverer series with a trio of indiepop finds ready to bring you the latest slices of summer sun as well as being your cousy companion for the Fall season we hope is arriving soon (if Global Warming allows). Check them out!

Mini Dresses. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, although the origins of the band have to be traced in the summer of 2012, at the home recording project of Lira Mondal and Caufield Sching in Austin, Texas. But after moving East and recruiting Luke Reed on drums, the band got their current shape, beginning a pretty steady flow of singles and EP, as well as opening slots for popular acts like Deerhunter, Weyes Blood, and Blog favourites like Fear of Men, Chastity Belt, Dick Diver or Tacocat. First full length, a compilation of tunes from the aforementioned earlier works, appeared this summer, with the self-titled album following this September, out via Joy Void Records. Dreampop meeting bedroom pop, or indiepop enveloped in haze and reflective moods, with occasional excursions to jangle pop or experimental boundaries, here's your soundtrack for the Fall.

Baby! Let me introduce you to the world of Kaley Honeycutt, a really young (she's below 25, my goodness!) Orlando musician now based in Boston, which started to make some noise around the Blogosphere last year while sharing some of their tunes, but who has taken by assault this 2017 with her first two releases: the debut EP, 'Pick Me' , out in April, followed in August by the summery first full-length 'Sunny, F.L.', out via Yellow K Records. Über catchy, between jangle and surf pop bittersweet tunes, packed with these sun kissed vibes and immediate hook melodies, but also some biting, rockier punch soaked in reverb. Not to be missed!

Sea BliteOne of the mightiest things about music is getting lost among "connections". You know, when discovering a band brings you to another, and then another and etc, etc. That's the case with this combo from San Francisco, formed in early 2016 (according to their Facebook, little info out there), found thanks to the SF Pop Fest and our previous discovery of the great Rat Fancy. With a line-up that includes former members of Wax Idols, Primary Colours or Dirty Cupcakes, their first release, out this June in the form of a self-titled EP you can physically grab on tape from Death Records, is fated to be listed among this humble Blog's best-of-year ranks. Four jangle pop gems echoing vintage pop sounds and the spirit of the likes of Tiger Trap, Go Sailor or my beloved Arts & Leisure (see? more connections). Instant crush! 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 163

The madness and the strange schedules continues, so now that we have a short break, let's unveil our new TOP TEN Jukebox. For this latest jam, of the songs that we have listened the most lately, the promising discoveries have won by a vast, unbeatable & undeniable majority, so we can warn you to be prepared for the screeching guitars of Adults, the shoegaze of The Age of Colored Lizards or the intimate touch of Amaya Laucirica. Plenty to listen, enjoy and discover! And remember, all songs are available at our Soundcloud. (Join Us!)

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 162

We have tried, promise. We have tried not to talk about the TOPIC, but in fact it's quite difficult not to think, feel and breathe "about" this Catalonia-Spain situation... Luckily, we have a temporary antidote... that you can use as much as you can. Yes, of course, we are referring to our new TOP TEN Jukebox! This time we have our beloved Sharon Van Etten 'revisiting' us with her always perfect tunes, but also a Seattle riot grrrl band called Who is she?, an Antipodean touch thanks to Last Leaves or the Swedish band Stars in Coma. An amazing global playlist for this crazy weeks of raising flags and actually doing & saying nothing... Have fun, try to disconnect as much as you can and remember, all songs are available at our Soundcloud. (Join Us!)