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Friday, November 25, 2016

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 126

Despite some turbulences (as the changing, capricious weather) uncertainties and akward situations, another week comes to an end and we have a great TOP TEN Jukebox to close it with a bang. Eight fantastic discoveries, like the unmissable, mind-blowing, Gurr's track, or the latest discovery of the always reliable Matinée Recordings... plus a new tune from Fear of Men and the highlight of the week (month? year?) The Bats are back with a killer! Here's hoping for a tour with a spot in Barcelona, but from now, what a way to return. A lot to enjoy for sure. And remember, all songs are available at our Soundcloud page (Join Us!).

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Indie Anthology 75: essential songs

For the next chapter of our Anthology I thought I was fated for a "protest", raging tune to epitomize how hard a part of the United States wants to ruin their own country. But while choosing among the candidates, I realized I didn't really want an angry tune. After all, I love that country too much. The books, the ideas, the never-ending landscapes & roads, the lights (been on both coasts, so I know, at least a bit, what I'm talking about), the mystery, the friendly, open, shiny, talented people, and of course, the music. So instead of blaming the deaf & the ones who are incapable/unwilling to listen, here's a song for the America I love, the one that will overcome...

Song: Our Time Has Passed
Artist: The Pernice Brothers
Year: 2001

If we talk about underrated bands, what about the Pernice Brothers?I was discovering Teenage Fanclub or, better said, getting completely knocked-out by the Scotts, when (again, thanks to the alternative radio) I heard for the first time 'Working Girls-Sunlight Shines' and 'Our Time Has Passed', arguably their landmark. The band from Massachusetts with a couple of eternal, gently, slightly melancholic yet shimmery & hopeful tunes. There was much more to haunt for, either going backwards and forward in their career, as the majestic 'Yours, Mine & Ours' would prove just a couple of years later. Joe, Bob and Co penned, once and again, the perfect soundtrack for bright, warm, embraceable days. Jangly? Umm, let's say heavenly. A remedy for letdowns or depressing times encapsulated within the lilting melodies, heartwarming vocal harmonies, the humming choruses, the delicate arrangements. I think it's about time for a new Pernice Brothers to heal some wounds, don't you agree?...

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 125

Still recovering from last week's major, gigantic, orange, political letdown? We are, too, with an added personal tough situation. Luckily, not everything is depressing. The "music stars" have aligned and our latest TOP TEN Jukebox is a true knockout. The mesmerizing return of our beloved Novella, new killer tunes from Martha Wainwright, Bruising and our dear The Artisans, plus six SPECTACULAR (capital letters are deserved) discoveries. They won't change the election results or bring back the missing ones, but for sure they are going to grab your attention, entertain you and comfort you for a (much needed) while. As always, all songs are available at our Soundcloud page (Join Us!).

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Discoverer 151: new indie findings

Inexplicably (and indefensibly), America chose the 'orange monster' instead of a highly qualified woman, not as progressive as one would like (by no means), but compared with the Republican abomination, a wonder. To start compensating the outrageous mistake, in our discoverer series we propose three mind blowing female artists that really deserve your loyal adhesion!A trio fated for the best of the year lists!

Springtime Carnivore. Born in Oak Brook, Illinois, but based in Los Angeles, California, to me Greta Morgan was immediately associated with the great Katy Goodman, as she is La Sera's guitar player and her music partner in that promising (but forgotten?, 'Space Love' was a delight) duo Books of Love and, more recently, the excellent punk-rock-meets-60's-pop covers album 'Take It, It's Yours', out this August. But that's just the tip of the "music iceberg", 'cause Ms. Morgan is a talented multi-instrumentalist with a heart melting voice that began her career when she was a teenager, first as a member of the Chicago-based groups the Hush Sound, with whom she released three LPs between 2004 and 2008 (plus a later EP and a reunion tour last year), then with Gold Motel, releasing two albums between between 2009 and 2012 (loving them at the moment). Afterwards, Morgan moved to L.A. California and, while she joined forces with Goodman, launched her solo project under the intriguing "seasonal predator" moniker. Springtime Carnivore's eponymous debut appeared in November 2014 via Autumn Tone Records, with follow-up 'Midnight Room', just came out past month. Instantly melodic but moody & evocative, this nocturnal dreampop with hazy textures, yet at the same time an incredible warm feel, should be part of your lifetime soundtrack to face the moon (even a supermoon). Pop in orbit.

Julia Jacklin. Born in 1991 in the Blue Mountains, Australia, but now based in Sydney, Ms Jacklin took all the worst influences to make something wonderful, and completely of her own (needless to say, and most luckily, diametrically opposed musically). Inspired by Britney Spears, at the age of 10 she took classical singing lessons. Later on, she joined a high school covers band, which made versions of Avril Lavigne and Evanescence (sic). She performed locally, forming the band Salta alongside Liz Hughes in 2012. But after moving to Sydney for her university studies, her career rocketed this year due to the phenomenal reception of first two singles 'Pool Party' and 'Coming of Age', embarking herself in a world tour (still no dates confirmed in Spain, damn it) and several Festivals, playing in support of artists such as Whitney or Okkervil River. Now her debut album 'Don't Let the Kids Win' out since October 2016 on Transgressive Records / Polyvinyl, confirms all the promise. Indie-folk-rock recalling the mind-blowing Angel Olsen, the also recently discovered Nadia Reid, but with some of the witty humour of Father John Misty, Jacklin's debut is astonishing. Confident, bright, clever, powerful, charismatic. A MUST of this 2016.  

Hazel English. And another Australian talent to finish our discoveries series today, although 25-year-old Hazel is now based in Oakland, CA. Taking the blogosphere under her spell since the first tunes (demos) surfaced the net last year, the Sydneyan musician has been carefully preparing her official debut while touring the west coast (Europe anytime soon?). A first release that now appears in the form of 12" EP 'Never Going Home', out since October (sold-out at the moment of writing this lines) via  House Anxiety / Marathon Artists, and it's an indiepop gem. Cinematic, lush, adventurous, wistful, breezy, this small collection of stunning, sun-soaked dreampop pieces are easily among the strongest EPs of the year, certifying here's a musician to follow closely.  

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 124

I've been unable, or just too angry/appalled to post anything since Wednesday morning. Almost 60 million people voted for a monster, period. Add it to Brexiters, corruption lovers here in Spain, or Nazi parties around Europe and you get the whole, devastating picture. Sure it's time for "deep" post-results analysis on what's wrong with democracies, politics, parties, media, etc. But it's also time to demand, before it's too late (very close now) responsibilities on citizens, the ones who voted. Pure & simple: idiocy is just an option, and can be reverted. I'll stop the rant here or I'll keep going for ages. For the time being, try to get some shelter and comfort doing the things you love... like listening to music. Here's our latest TOP TEN Jukeboxfull of discoveries plus some dear friends (The Wolfhounds and Laz in top-notch form). As always, all songs are available at our Soundcloud page (Join Us!).

Friday, November 4, 2016

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 123

Nothing worse than going to work while being considerably sick and, when the weekend arrives, you feel so exhausted, weak, than all your plans, of course music-related, look like a titanic challenge to deal with. So, first step: look for some rest. Second step: provide yourself with a huge provision of pills and medicines. Plus third and, arguably as important, get in the mood with our latest TOP TEN Jukeboxfull of new and exciting bands to forget about your (annoying) cough & headaches and see the world outside. As always, all songs are available at our Soundcloud page (Join Us!).

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Spanish Indie 30: suggesting the best national acts

A veteran combo and two of the most promising bands coming from the south of Spain today in our latest trio of national bands. Pop gems!

Kiev Cuando Nieva. Behind the freezing cold name lies one of the most idiosyncratic, unique bands of the country. Hailing from Huesca, Aragón, the band origins can be traced around the end the 90s in a college radio program at Facultad de Bellas Artes de Cuenca. From there on, Antxon Corcuera and brothers Javier and Carlos Aquilué have built an almost flawless career. A lost debut EP, aptly titled 'First EP' in 2000, followed by three albums, 'S/T' (2006), 'Todos los Ademanes' (2009, year in which they also released the EP 'Edición Artesana'), 'De Tarima' (2013), plus the covers record 'Parece Doble' (2012), including versions of Daniel Johnston, Nick Drake, Beach Boys, Big Star, Ramones...). A refreshing music path that in March of 2016 saw their latest output with 'Los Bienes', out via Repetidor Discos. Risky, brave indiepop blended with folk and slices of psychedelia, strangely warm and familiar despite their experimental instrumentation and aloof first impressions. Persevere, and you'll quickly find yourself drowning into a peculiar universe of music and experience. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Apartamentos Acapulco. Hailing from Granada, Angelina Herrera and Ismael Cámara started making music together in Spring of 2015 without many expectations, the main being having fun with the process. But as tunes the duo decided to share them, debuting with a 'S/T' EP that September, first released with Discos Imaginarios. By December arrived the follow-up 'Siete', which fostered the buzz around them, making the homemade project to expand into a quintet live, playing an increasing number of shows and music contests (Planeta Demos, Contempopránea, SOS, PulPop). Now they are back with third EP 'Justo y Necesario' out since this September, anticipated by the shimmery single 'Scarlett'. Somewhere between shoegaze and dreampop, here's the Slowdive hazy, hypnotic spirit, or the quietest moments (some urgent tunes too), noisy yet deeply melodic and affecting, of The Jesus and Mary Chain. A band to fall for...

Terry vs. Tori. Close move to Seville to meet Manuel Jiménez and Erica Pender, who began this exciting project around March of 2016, quickly recruiting José Prieto on bass and, more recently, Rosa on drums, becoming a full band while rehearsals and demos began. And the first, most promising results, can be listened now, as since June we can enjoy their 'S/T' EP (name your price at their bandcamp). Mixed and mastered by our dear Cris Romero at Cherry Studios, this is infectious guitar-driven indiepop, making their own, summery run towards surf-pop, or adding the life-affirming, eternal Southern light to that trademark "English melancholy". Dreaming with eyes wide open, hoping for more very soon!