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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Best Records of the Year 2019: 1-20

As we said yesterday, we now have 40 records for our best of the year list. So, after the first round of LPs, comprising positions between 40 and 21, it’s time to show & rank our Top 20 albums of 2019. Those that we haven't been able to get out of our heads and deserve a standing ovation and, most importantly, constant spins. We’ll have a little break next week for recharging batteries, but we promise that we’ll be back before the year ends… ready to unveil our favorite songs of 2019. So, in the meantime, enjoy the records... and happy Holidays!

20.  Eraserland - Strand of Oaks
19.  In Search of the Miraculous - Desperate Journalist
18.  Better Oblivion Community Center- Better Oblivion Community Center
17. Anxiety Art - The reds, pinks and purples
16. Grass Stains and Novocaine - Seablite
15. Largos Agotadores - El Palacio de Linares
14. Whoosh! - The Stroppies
13. Useless Coordinates - Drahla
12. Time Again - Dumb Things
11. Tallies- Tallies
10. On the Line - Jenny Lewis
9.  Purple Mountains- Purple Mountains
8.  Designer - Aldous Harding
7.  Jeanines- Jeanines
6.  I Am Easy to Find - The National
5.  Quiet Signs - Jessica Pratt
4.  Dead Calm - The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness
3Olympic Girls - Tiny Ruins 
2Dogrel - Fontaines D.C. 
1Crushing - Julia Jacklin

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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Best Records of the Year 2019: 40-21

After our favorite EPs, now is time to unveil our Best Records of 2019! As we said in the previous post, the last twelve months we have published way less than we would have liked. So, in order to "repair" that scarcity of music (many groups left in the pipeline), we have thought it necessary to increase the number of bands included on the list, from 30 to 40, splitting the post in two. Therefore, here are our mandatory albums, the ones that have created our personal soundtrack and have helped us trough this incredibly long 2019, with this first chapter covering LPs from 40 to 21. Amazing albums, that deserve to be listened. And stay tuned, the Top 20 arrives tomorrow!

40. Struck Gold - Sprinters
39. Aniquilación - Los Punsetes
38. Ripe for Anarchy - Business of Dreams
37. Memory - Vivian Girls
36. Slow Century - I Was a King
35. It’s Real - Ex Hex
34. Birds Songs of a Killjoy - Bedouine
33. Río Arga - Río Arga
32. West Bay Playroom - Holiday Ghosts
31. Meadow Lane Park - Le Superhomard
30. A New Illusion - Rose Elinor Dougall
29. Reward for Effort - House Deposit
28. Gazing Globe - Outer Spaces
27. Mi Defensa Personal - Arista Fiera
26. Kiwanuka - Michael Kiwanuka
25. Kinship - She Keeps Bees
24. No Treasure But Hope - Tindersticks
23. Salto al Vacío - Star Trip
22. Beware of Dogs - Stella Donelly
21. Fireraisers Forever! - Comet Gain

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Best EPs of the Year 2019

We won’t miss 2019. Most certainly, it has been the worst year we can remember from a personal standpoint. Hospital, losses, and an exhausting level of intensity, while at the same time an appalling feeling of standstill, although some changes in the late third of the year are giving us some hope. Consequently, the Blog production has also suffered, something we deeply regret and we aim to readdress in 2020. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t listened to music, and that we aren’t ready to begin with our best of the year lists. As always (you can check previous posts at the bottom of this page) we have selected our 15 favorite EPs (for us, they are comprised from 3 to 6 songs). A collection of gems that we have enjoyed the most over 2019. Hope you like them (at least as much as we do) and remember to stay tuned, more lists coming soon!

15. Not Yours! - Annie Taylor
14.  Dial H for Hannah Barberas - The Hannah Barberas
13. Daydream Hawker - Go Fever
12. Dear Natalie - Crake
11. Growing Pains - Abbie Ozard
10. Midnight Language - Slideshow
9.  Outside - Molly Linen
8.  Unarticulated Wants - The Black Fever  
7.  Fenómeno - Dois
6.  Old Names for New Shapes - Wojtek the Bear
5.  All the Ships - Lost Ships 
4.  All the Same - Fanclub
3Video Days - Hobby Club
2En Garde - Flying Fish Cove 
1Get Bleak - Ducks Unlimited

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Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 249

After some intense days of work, decisions, anxiety and changes, we have landed on this long weekend with a spectacular TOP TEN JUKEBOX. It was more or less ready past week, but with so much hustle and bustle, we haven't been able to publish it before (add some technical problems to the mix, bye bye Soundcloud), but better late than never. These ten songs, a royal flush with several essential groups for this humble blog such as Jetstream Pony, The Persian Leaps, Basia Bulat or Eyelids, deserve to be listened carefully. And don't worry, we already know that we are in December and it's time for the best of the year lists... Have a nice Sunday and don't forget to stop by at our Spotify!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 248

Almost ending November, and certainly the last week before Christmas' mood (or should we say consumerism mood?) madness arrives (we know that Thanksgiving and the compulsory purchases of Black Friday are right behind the corner...). So there's still a little time to present you our latest TOP TEN JUKEBOX, full of new findings, a couple of exciting returns with Salad Boys and En Attendant Ana, plus the last tune of a Blog favourite, Math and Physics Club (thank you for the indiepop memories pals, what a flawless, wonderful career). Have a very nice Sunday and remember to join us in our Soundcloud page!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 247

After our "very special" playlist dedicated to Spanish politics (there might some hope for the future, but we don't want to say it very loudly), we return to our traditional form with the TOP TEN JUKEBOX. An ideal soundtrack for this wintry weekend (ski lovers can already enjoy the mountain) that we encourage you to dive into, full of new discoveries and, particularly, several arresting female voices. Ten tunes to listen under the warmth of a good blanket. And remember to join us in our Soundcloud page!

Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 246

We have a special Jukebox today. That's because tomorrow it's (another) election day here in Spain. And seeing the electoral polls and some social network "mantras" that you see and hear repeatedly, like "is so horrible we have to vote again", "all politicians are the same" or "why should we bother?" we at the Blog can't remain silent, fuelled by an explosive tune of one of our favourite bands, Comet Gain. Because no, sacrificing a little bit of you Sunday it's not a great effort. No, all the parties are not the same. If you are thinking on voting fascists, then you are a fascist. Or if you are considering voting a party that is capable to reach political pacts with fascists, then you are supporting fascism, as simple as that. As a matter of fact, we have reached such a despicable point that even the current ruling party has a lot to be blamed for in order to understand why are we here… but we need a longer post for that. That's why we all should bother, listen and vote. Don't be a fucking moron! And remember to join us in our Soundcloud page!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

'A Rainy Day in New York', Woody in (his) Wonderland

A Rainy Day in New York

I skipped the last two movies by Woody Allen, ‘Wonder Wheel’ and ‘Cafe Society’, just because one couldn’t help having that very sad feeling the maestro is dealing with a serious case of creative exhaustion. For the same reason, I was also considering passing on ‘A Rainy Day in New York’, but some amiable reviews commenting the veteran director was revisiting 'The Great Gatsby' and 'The Catcher in the Rye' in a romantic comedy settled in his beloved Manhattan made me think it was worth trying. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

There’s a powerful sense of Allen rehashing himself from almost the very first frame of the film, with a plot, a very young couple spending the weekend in Manhattan where, under bad weather, they will live a series of adventures and (romantic, familiar) revelations, being a mere excuse for the New yorker to indulge himself into his most well-known territory, his comforting Wonderland. Because ‘A Rainy Day in New York’ is so woodyallenesque that at some point I thought the movie was done just for his own pleasure. Even more so considering what has been going around his persona and career lately.

With that idea in mind, the movie could be seen as the work of a nostalgic director surrendering to a serene, anachronic yet friendly contemplation of the things he loves. That personal, trademark look to art, cinema, and more importantly, life, runs through Gatsby Wells (Timothée Chamalet), an alter ego with the most presumptuous name ever, who considers himself somewhat of an illustrated beatnik, the last romantic hero, an unbeatable gambler forced to study at Yardley (elite university, of course), and who is rebelling (at least he thinks so) against his extremely wealthy family… while the pay the bills of his dreamlike life. Gatsby’s romantic partner, yet at the same time opposing force in the movie is Ashleigh Enright (Elle Fanning), an optimistic, innocent girl from Kansas (the "other America"), also a young millionaire, whose journalist duties at Yardley allows her to interview a cult-movie director in the 'Big Apple'.

So, we have two very different leading characters involved in a crazy, romantic adventure that splits into two stories, one of them including an inside portrait of the world of cinema (by far the most entertaining side of the movie, with enjoyable supporting roles played by Jude Law, Liv Schreiber or Diego Luna), a lot of jazz everywhere, dozens of literary references, conversations about love and philosophy taking place within stunning apartments, museums and the coolest bars of 'the city that never sleeps'. It’s the kind of stuff that should work smoothly in the hands of Woody Allen… But it doesn’t.

To begin with, because ‘A Rainy Day in New York’ sounds completely unbelievable, Allen’s young people talk as if they were playing a period piece, being posh and annoying as anything he has ever portrayed. One thing is to fall into nostalgia, but being that rigid and from another era (not even a Whatsapp message?) kills the possibility to relate with the main characters. But there’s worse. The film is not funny at all, jokes seems outdated and the situations the two confront (particularly Gatsby) are missing the comical element. Appalling considering who wrote the script, the satire about the upper classes and intellectual elites is pretty shallow in my opinion… And that’s not all folks. Because when Allen tries to shift from a comedy to a serious tale about Gatsby’s finding his true identity… all the lightweight “watchability” of the script and tone of the movie falls apart.

To my eyes, there’s only one aspect of ‘A Rainy Day in New York’, aside from Vittorio Storaro’s photography, that deserves to be highlighted. That’s Elle Fanning performance, graceful, bright and loose enough to make her side of the story engaging (wish the movie would have been about her movie quest instead, so much potential), the lonely anchor of otherwise a pretty lifeless film. Guess I know this might sound pretty harsh. The movie could have a pass as a failed yet well-intentioned comedy. But again, this is Woody Allen who are talking about. He has done this film a hundred times before, and way way better.

SCORE: 4,75/10

Friday, November 1, 2019

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 245

Whether you celebrate Halloween, La Castanyada, All Saints' Day or Day of the Dead, we are sure you need a soundtrack for this special days (a long weekend ahead), so here we are, ready to provide you a pretty stunning option thanks to our flamboyant latest TOP TEN JUKEBOX, full of exciting newcomers but also arresting surefires, including the comebacks of The Orielles, Woolen Men or Tacocat, plus the man himself: our beloved Matt Berninger. A lot to listen, as you can see. Have fun,  and remember to join us in our Soundcloud page!

Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 244

Too many things happening at the same time. The political situation in our country reached another cornerstone, so it made much more sense to us (it's not about independence, but about human rights and justice this time) to be on the streets that planning a jukebox. Then some work turmoil, plus an ear infection… But the tunes were there and, after the somewhat 'forced' hiatus, here we are, back with our TOP TEN JUKEBOX. Have a listen, and stay tuned, more coming son (we have more music on the shelves, awaiting to be listened). Have fun and remember to join us in our Soundcloud page.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 243

Yeah, we are a little bit delayed again, we know, we know. But it has a pretty busy weekend, being part of a very special anniversary (a local record shop!), talking about eternal tunes and their intrinsic relation with our lifes, plus discussing about the current state of music/industry, as well as about the role of the music critic today. There were some nostalgia, fear of missing out and pessimism all the way. But also some hope that, in the end (we, and we hope listeners) are still moved by the power of great tune. Here's a bunch, in the form of our regular TOP TEN JUKEBOX to help us prove our thesis, and hopefully, enlightening your Sunday. And as always, remember to join us in our Soundcloud page.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 242

A bit later this week, but still on time to bring you another TOP TEN JUKEBOX. And what playlist we have gathered for your ears only! A magnificent selection of indiepop with stunning comebacks from surefires like A Certain Smile, Night Flowers or Soccer Mommy plus the usual dose of new findings! As you are about to hear, there's a lot in this music list to help you to enjoy the Sunday. And as always, remember to join us in our Soundcloud page.