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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spanish Indie 14: suggesting the best national acts

A new round of "made in Spainmusic for your ears only, enjoy!

Pauline en la Playa. Sisters Mar and Alicia Álvarez hail from Gijón, and have quite a long story in their backs. Leaders of Undershakers, a seminal band in the middle-late 90s on the Spanish indie scene. While the band was still active, the two began to work in another direction by 1997, under the name of  “Enfants Terribles“, winning a local prize with their first demos that year. Two years later, in 1999, Pauline en la Playa was finally born, releasing six albums to date, the latest one being “El Mundo Se Va a Acabar“ out this March on Siesta. The last chapter of the exquisite, impossibly charming and warm music of the Álvarez sisters. A sweet, nostalgic and rich indiepop universe.

Les Sueques. Not the first time I write about this quartet and pretty sure it won't be the last either. Coming from Barcelona, they debuted in 2011 with Les Sueques EP on Repetidor Discos. After a replacement on drums with the arrival of Pau (ex Tokyo Sex Destruction) they recently signed with our friends from El Genio Equivocado, becoming one of its most exciting new acts. Something that their debut album, "Cremeu les Perles" out since March. Pop-punk with a twisted, dark, sardonic side, sharp guitar lines and loads of fun and promise. Carefree & homemade riot-girls with a bunch of addictive tunes and sense of humour.

Fighter Pillow. Few information on this yet unsigned act from Barcelona, discovered while searching the bands playing at Primavera als Parcs, one of the most peculiar parallel activities of the Festival. But this band, active since 2011 (at least is what their social networks says) is quite an underground supergroup: Eli Molina from the lovely Me and the Bees (new songs soon please!), Edu Chirinos from our beloved Las Ruinas, Dj Manu Rec and Eric Fuentes. They have an EP, aptly titled "EP#1", for free at their bandcamp. Four tunes that sound as vigorous as stylistically diverse, from urgent indie-rock to a sparse, folk gentle number. Solid music regardless of its form. Band to check. 

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