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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Primavera Sound 2013: an overview

A Primavera Sound of heavy contrasts
PS's Ferris wheel. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
For me, this has been a pretty shocking edition of the Festival, even contradictory. In general, this Primavera Sound rates lower than the previous ones I've been lucky to attend, the main reason being simply having less attractive bands for me. But also because I'm getting more and more upset/annoyed with the behaviour of (some) people. Am I getting too old for this sort of events? It’s not just about the ones going to a Festival just to get drunk (at a very expensive cost, by the way) day after day, something that I'll never understand (if you need THAT amount of alcohol to enjoy music, maybe is because you don’t really like it). But also about smokers who doesn't give a damn about you & your lungs (especially girls), and the three types of “fakers-poser” that I have identified during this Primavera:
  • Faker “just showing up”- Now that being indie is a "trend", this sort of events have become “mandatory” for many. There are some folks that just “have to be there”. You can recognize them by how they look (the only good thing about cold weather is how it ruined their ridiculous parade); by appearing (for example) on Blur's “Girls and Boys” running and screaming as if he/she was just had an incredible orgasm, just to disappear into the bar after not recognizing next song; or by being the ones who insult the organisation on facebook because Rodríguez cancelled and they, of course, were their biggest fans... ;)
  • Faker “me first”- Stumbling people in the middle of a concert just to arrive to the front row its not nice (you arrived late, so just let people more interested than you enjoy the music); making pogos with your partner when no one else is doing it is also weird (maybe you are bored, so just go somewhere else). Queues are not funny for anyone, so don’t get surprised if someone shows you his/her "unhappiness" if you try to advance him/her when he/she was before you. No, I'm not interested on your mongoloid, drunk moves. Not on your dubious conversation skills either. No I don’t want a hug from you. No, I don’t smoke, so stop asking or looking at me as I'm crazy. Could go on forever.
  • Los Planetas' ghosts. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
  • Faker “music, what music?”- This is a new tendency. Why do you go to a gig if all you want to do is chatting on whatsapp? I'm so puzzled with the image of hundreds of people with their heads looking down their mobile phones constantly while band plays in front of them. Of course, there’s the “old style” version: the ones going to a Festival only to chat with their partner/group of friends. While the gig takes place, that is.

Ok, enough of “fakers/posers”. Let’s go to the contradicting feelings. This year I've seen fewer bands, but the overall number, 29 full gigs, is quite impressive and still makes Primavera hard to beat. If only Saturday would had been better... I know main reason was bad luck (Rodríguez & Band of Horses cancelling) but I also believe the strange schedule (Dead Can Dance & Wu-Tang Clan being the only options to see for a while) could had been arranged better, and it probably has to do with football, which is sad.

Phoenix on fire. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Primavera is a huge Festival now, so massification is going to be a recurrent complaint. However, I had a feeling of a certain comfort throughout the PS' days. It probably has to do with the organisation taking benefit of the vast possibilities of the Fòrum. Possibilities that, on the other hand, cannot save you from the freezing cold we have suffered during this edition.

And finally, let’s talk about music. On a year with the best sound quality of the Festival, this has been the edition on which there has been less concerts to really highlight. Topping the list I have the outstanding performances of Local Natives and Adam Green, followed by the great gigs, although a bit truncated because of technical problems, from Camera Obscura and Savages, and remarkable ones from Grizzly Bear, Deerhunter and Guards. And despite the number of unremarkable gigs has been bigger than expected, with some big disappointments in the form of Blur and Evans the Death foremost, the overall feeling is still highly positive. Primavera still offers so much to enjoy.
Adam Green goes for a "special walk". Photo: Bloodbuzzed

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