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Friday, December 23, 2016

Best Songs of the Year 2016: 25-1

Here it is, the final round! After tones and tones of debate, struggle, thoughtful analysis and extremely tough decissions, we are unveiling the last twenty-five tunes of our Best Song of the Year list. These are our favourite tunes of 2016, as usual at the Blog a mixture of deservedly consecrated names and terrific newcomers. Hope you like the playlist below as much as we have enjoyed preparing it. And, of course, Happy holidays and Best Wishes for 2017. See you next year (we are off for a week)!

25. Lazarus- David Bowie 
24. Timeless- DMA'S 
23. Scattered Ashes (Song for Richard)- Minor Victories
22. Boyfriend- The Goon Sax
21. Ariana- Mercury Girls 
20. Hard to Clean- Chook Race
19. El Grande- Cómo Vivir en el Campo
18. One Fine Summer Morning- Britta Phillips
17. Aviation- The Last Shadow Puppets
16. Sun Drop- Young Scum
15. Strange Torpedo- Lucy Dacus
14. Ámenme, soy un liberal-Nacho Vegas

 13. The Community of Hope- PJ Harvey
12. Coastal California, 1985- Maths and Physics Club
11. To the Rescue- The Divine Comedy
10. Glow in the Dark- Night Flowers
9. Your best American Girl- Mitski
8. No Woman- Whitney
7. Cold to See Clear- Nada Surf
6. Easier Said- Sunflower Bean
5. I’m in Love- Teenage Fanclub
4.  El Progreso- Sr. Chinarro
3. A 1.000 Times- Hamilton Leithauser & Rostam
2. Sister- Angel Olsen
1. Adore- Savages

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Best Songs of the Year 2016: 50-26

As promised yesterday, here's the third round of our Best Songs the Year, with the tunes comprised between positions 50 to 26. As we are getting closer to the "final countdown" this is becoming harder and harder, but there's so many music wonders to enjoy that the struggle choosing & mounting the Spotify playlist below is a real pleasure. The 25 tunes topping the list will be online tomorrow! Keep an eye on the Blog and, even more important, keep listening!

50. Baby Blue- Soft Wounds
49. Cuban Cigars- WALL
48. Different Shades of Blue- The Buildings
47. Lay Down- DMA'S
46. Crooked Cop- Beverly
45. Sometimes Accidentally- The Goon Sax
44. Efectos Especiales- Sr. Chinarro
43. Squirrel vs. Snake- The Posies
42. Crowd- EGO
41. Extraños- Juvenilia
40. Wallflower- Martha Ffion
39. If You Say That- Young Scum
38. I Don’t Want To Be Funny Anymore- Lucy Dacus
37. All That Heaven Allows- Mercury Girls
36. Infamous- Basia Bulat
35. Folk Arp- Minor Victories
34. Pitiless- Witching Waves
33. The First Sight- Teenage Fanclub
32. Cricket o Croquet- Cómo Vivir en el Campo
31. Bitter Pill- Flowers
30. Ready for the Magic- Honeyblood
29. Never Be Mine- Angel Olsen
28. The roundabout- Ryley Walker
27. Cartas al apóstol- El Lado Oscuro De la Broca
26. Under London Skies- Close Lobsters

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Best Songs of the Year 2016: 75-51

We told you, the second chapter of our Best Songs of the Year it was going to follow very, very soon. So, without further delay, here are the tunes comprised between 75 to 51. As with the first round, you can enjoy all these songs at our Spotify playlist below. And don't go very far, there are still fifty amazing songs to discover!

75. Full Moon, Hungry Sun- Kane Strang
74. Out of Control- Lush
73. Johnny- Basement Revolver
72. Power- Eskimeaux
71. It’s Alright, I’m Probably Dreaming- De Montevert
70. Évoli- Terrier
69. Hit Town (A.T.H.E.N.S.)- The Perfect English Weather
68. Walnuss- Gurr
67. Experto en Mirar Techos- Invisible Harvey
66. Second Skin- Zen Mantra
65. Twister- Witching Waves
64. Bambú- Juvenilia
63. Everybody Wants to Love You- Japanese Breakfast
62. Coming of Age- Julia Jacklin
61. Face the Moon- Springtime Carnivore
60. Sane- Fear of Men
59. Follow You Around- Purling Hiss
58. Babes Never Die- Honeyblood
57. The Wheel- PJ Harvey
56. Pull My Arm- Flowers
55. La Progresión Exponencial- Doble Pletina
54. New Song- Warpaint
53. Under the Sun- DIIV
52. Shut Up Kiss Me- Angel Olsen
51. Metropolis- Kate Jackson

Best Songs of the Year 2016: 100-76

After ConcertsEPs and Records, we start our particular countdown of the Best Songs of the Year! As in previous editions, we are going to unveil our favourite 100 tunes of 2016, divided in four different posts of 25 songs each*, compiled on Spotify playlists. Probably the hardest choice of the year, today is time to unveil the tunes listed from 100 to 76! We hope you enjoy our selection, at least as much as we have had while listening all this incredible artists & bands. Next round coming very, very soon!

100. Bottle Rocket- Ahem
99.  Henry- Soccer Mommy
98.  It Didn’t Hurt- We.The pigs
97. Amazing Grace- American Wrestlers
96. Citrus- Animal Daydream
95. The End of Things- Bob Mould
94. The Only Thing I Miss- Featherfin
93. We Are Dreamers- Tindersticks
92. Anxiety- Preoccupations
91. Trauma- Fear of Men
90. Gentle Eyes- Terry Malts
89. Motorway- California Snow Story
88. Capture- Desario
87. Ten Year Tenure- Halfsour
86. Disappear- Young Romance
85. Walden- Sr. Chinarro
84. Atomic Number- Case/Lang/Veirs
83. Anna, Lisa Calls- Happyness
82. Tides- Swimming Tapes
81. Beneath the Black Sea-LNZNDRF
80. Menos de Mi- Neleonard
79. Frank Infatuation- Real Numbers
78. Moon- Beth Orton
77. Recto y Quieto- Palacio de Linares
76.  Fall- Lisa Hannigan

*Same group/artist can only have up to three songs on the complete, 100 tunes list 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Best Records of the Year 2016

No time to waste! After EPs and Concerts, now it's the turn for the Best Records of 2016! As usual, here's the list with the 30 albums that we have listened, enjoyed and hummed the most during the last twelve months. It's always a very challenging list to do, being forced to leave many bands & artists that could have a spot here, But, at least for us, here's the biggest & most wonderful part of the soundtrack of our year. Enjoy & stay tuned, books and songs of the year coming soon! 

30. Wordless Wonder- Real Numbers
29. No Burden- Lucy Dacus
28. Cut and Paste- Oscar
27. Algo nos va a pasar- Espíritusanto
26. Spilt Milk- Pete Astor
25. Around the House- Chook Race
24. Juvenilia- Juvenilia
23. Psychopomp- Japanese Breakfast
22. At Swim- Lisa Hannigan
21. CVEEC3- Cómo Vivir en el Campo
20Lost Time- Tacocat
19. The Holiday Crowd- The Holiday Crowd
18. Crystal Cafe- Witching Waves
17. Here- Teenage Fanclub
16. Up to Anything- The Goon Sax
15. Midnight Room- Springtime Carnivore
14. Don’t Let the Kids Win- Julia Jacklin
13. La Puerta Giratoria- Invisible Harvey
12. Everything You’ve Come to Expect- The Last Shadow Puppets
11. Luck or Magic- Britta Phillips
10. El Progreso- Sr. Chinarro
9.   Everybody’s Dying to Meet You- Flowers
8.   Psiconáutica- Linda Guilala
7.   Hit Reset- The Julie Ruin
6.   You Know Who You Are- Nada Surf
5.  Babes Never Die- Honeyblood
4.  Postal- Chicharrón
3Minor Victories- Minor Victories
2Puberty 2- Mitski
1My Woman- Angel Olsen

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Best Concerts of the Year 2016

After our favourite EPs, now it's time to unveil the list of our best concerts of the year! Reaching the the amazing "heights" of the live music seen during 2015 was nearly impossible, but still, the ten gigs selected below are full of unforgettable moments. Great veterans and exciting upcoming bands, several "first times" and a couple of "special situations". Hope you like it!  

10. Desperate Journalist (Minifestival, March 12th)
Too short to rank higher… but what a blast! Giving everything they have from second zero, kicking the gig with ‘Control’ and ‘O’ as starters, taking no prisoners. Heavyweight post-punk, with an unstoppable melodic power and an overwhelming breakthrough, led by the stormy presence of vocalist Jo Bevan. She's an authentic force of nature, able to shock the audience with her frantic performance to disarm you with the introspection of ‘Remainder’ or ‘Wait’ in a matter of seconds. Desperate Journalist are fated for greatness.
Desperate Journalist, the sound and the fury. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

9. PJ Harvey (Primavera Sound Festival, June 4th)
It ranks lower because of the unbearable, extremely annoying, disrespectful behaviour of people. So depressing it makes you think what’s the point of attending festivals or concerts (sorry, I’m not interested in drunk people or posers, just in music). And it’s even more depressing if you consider Polly Jean Harvey is one of the most incredible artists a concertgoer can see live. Goosebumps and wonder, goosebumps and wonder, what a show she put at Heineken! Surrounded by an incredible cast, the amount of mesmerizing moments was just unbeatable. The funereal march introducing 'Chain of Keys'. The otherworldly 'When Under Ether'. Or how 'Down by the Water/To Bring You My Love' became one haunting somber number. PJ is in a league of her own, adding real substance and real attitude to pop.
PJ, stories from the (real) world. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

8. Espíritusanto 
(BIS Festival, Espai Jove Les Basses, April 9th)
A truly stunning album ‘Algo nos va a pasar’ released by our friends at Discos de KirlianAn incontestable live show, founded in the power of keyboards as thunderous as the percussion and, of course, in the vocal dialogues between Andrés Federico and Eli Maqueda. A couple of singers able to channel these emotional heartbreaks in overwhelming choruses, such as ‘Poligono Industrial’, ‘Flores de Bach’, or the epic and frenzied ‘Nadar a croll II’ and ‘La distancia sobrante’. Vine (at last in Barcelona), vidi, vinci. Kings of the BIS Festival.
Ready for another striking chorus? Photo: Bloodbuzzed

7. Tindersticks (Guitar Festival, Auditori, April 14th)
It has been a year heavy on “first times” seeing “major bands” (always a relative, personal concept) live. Like Tindersticks, in Barcelona to present LP ‘The waiting room’. What was I expecting from the Nottingham lads? Exactly what they offered at Auditori. That soundtrack for movies-yet-to-be-filmed. That clash between contempt and drama. Tension and space. That perfection in sound. That smoky, drowned nostalgia. And Stuart Staples’ voice. THAT voice. Since the opener ‘Second chance man’ kidnapped by that baritone voice. By the keyboards of David Boulter or the bass lines of Dan McKinna. And by tunes like ‘Sleepy song’, ‘Medicine’, ‘Boobar come back to me’, ‘We are dreamers!’, ‘My oblivion’ (oh my, oh my) or ‘Sometimes it hurts’. That medicine it works inside of you/ In your head/ In your dreams / In your dreams. The medicine we want...
Tindersticks, heartache surgeons. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

6. Robert Forster
(La [2] Apolo, January 14h & Primavera Sound Festival, June 4th)
A bit of a trick here, as this is not a gig but two. But we are talking about Mr. Robert Forster so his inclusion on the list was a no-brainer for this blogger. More so considering I had never seen him live before. And despite both experiences were sort of incomplete, together blended majestically, as the maestro deserves. First, at La [2] de Apolo, enjoying his solo, acoustic show, where he proved he is a true showman, goofing himself with his “rock star” poses, asking for a coffee at the bar… while delivering the excellent ‘Songs to play’, with gems like ‘Let me imagine you’ or ‘Love Myself (and I always have)’, along with immortal classics as ‘Head full of steam’, ‘Part company’, ‘Love is a sign’ (hit) or ‘He lives my life’ (sunk). But we missed some of the brilliance of his compositions without the instrumental arrangements or Karen Bauler’s vocals. Luckily, there was a second chance awaiting at CCCB. One with full band, including Karen and her violin. The set was too short to consider it a proper gig, but what a pleasure every single minute it was. 2 for 1 of Robert Forster? Isn’t that the real deal?
With Mr. Foster and Co. heads full of pop. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

The New Raemon (Sala Apolo, January 29th)
More than a regular gig due to the format and length, two hours & thirty-three songs revisiting his career to date with a full, impeccable band. And because the special company coming from quite far. The occasion deserved. A chance, courtesy of Ramon Rodríguez, to join him in a trip to the (recent) past to celebrate the present and look into the future. Precisely, the night kicked in with latest "icebreaker trilogy" ‘Una historia real’, ‘Oh, Rompehielos’ and ‘Reina del Amazonas’, setting the festive tone of an event with a tone of remarkable moments. Like combining ‘El Refugio de Superman’ with ‘Estupendamente’. Or ‘La cafetera’ with ‘Sucedáneos’. Or knocking us out with ‘Hundir la flota’, ‘Variables’, ‘Risas enlatadas’ in a row, leaving us emotionally messy but with an ear-to-ear smile on the face. ‘Desencuentros’, ‘Fuera complejos’, ‘El fin del imperio’, ‘Te debo un baile’, guest stars like McEnroe’s Ricardo Lezón’, and, needless to say, the end with ‘Tú, Garfunkel’. Hymns for screwed romantics.
The New Raemon, our favourite icebreaker captain. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

4. The Posies
 (Sala Razzmatazz, April 21rst) And another first time seeing a loved band. And a very special one, as I had the chance of, together with other media, meeting Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer in advance of the gig, chatting with them while we were discovering their flamboyant new record ‘Solid States’. An incredibly nice experience (made the right choice wearing my old, highly recognisable R.E.M. t-shirt) thanks to Scanner FM. And a cool way to warm-up and be prepared with what was about to happen at Razz. A relentless power-pop attack for two generous hours, full of electricity and passion, combining stunning new pieces like ‘We R Power’, ‘Squirrel vs Snake’ and ‘Unlikely Places’, their experimental side (check ‘The Plague’), alongside the unstoppable hits like ‘Dream All Day’, ‘Solar Sister’ or ‘Flavor of The Month’. Plus a heartbreaking rendition of Charlie Bell’s ‘I am the Cosmos’. The complete, knock-out Posies experience.
The Posies, making you dream all night. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

3. Minor Victories
 (Primavera Club Festival, October 22nd)
It was the “big name” of this year’s Primavera Club. And Minor Victories didn’t disappoint. First, thanks to a gigantic Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai) at the guitar, blowing out our heads and ears to the ones that, like us, were located at the first rows (such a heavenly way to die) making the impossible: that the Rachel Goswell (Slowdive) hooligan in me got hooked by the irrepressible strength of the veteran musician, perfectly seconded by the muscular bass of Justin Lockley (Editors) and the shuddering drums of his brother James. But Rachel, that initially seemed to be on the verge of getting buried within the dense wall of sound of the instrumental trio, still had a lot to say. Like the epic fragility of the colossal ‘Breaking My Light’, the incandescency of ‘Folk Arp’ and ‘Higher Hopes’. And, of course the pop gem that is ‘Scattered Ashes (Song For Richard)’. Almost an hour happily lost in space…
Rachel Goswell, brekaing the lights. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

2. Whitney (Primavera Club, October 23rd)A highly enjoyable album crowned by a perfect tune named ‘No Woman’. It seemed like an easy, reliable bet, but far from being a must-see of the Festival. Until the bubbly Julien Ehrlich started singing with his high-pitched falsetto while commanding the drums and the guitar of Max Kakacek began drawing indelible melodies. And then, the miracle. A band in a state of grace, making every single tune bigger, prettier, fuller, dreamier than the album versions. Like The Band unabashedly embracing soul music —the «good old one»— and only playing at dawn. Vocal harmonies, keyboard, a fundamental trumpet, everything falling in its right place. Romantic without a sugar overdose. Joyful without being silly or part of a beer advertising campaign. Melancholic without selling the drama. The connection with the audience was immediate and the gig offered so many instants to highlight. Like the delicacy of ‘Light Upon the Lake’, the euphoric version of Dylan’s ‘Tonight I’ll Stay With You’, the end of ‘Follow’, the almost danceable ’No Matter Where We Go’. And of course, ‘No Woman’, with a reprise and a trumpet solo that should last forever. We have them back in Barcelona in June, so see you there.
Whitney, light upon the Primavera Club. Photo: Bloodbuzzed 

1. The Chills (Primavera Sound Festival, June 4th)
Who would have guessed I was going to see The Chills live, one of my all-time favourite bands, twice in a three years span? And who would have guessed that the second time, after all the special excitement of the “first time” was gone, it was going to be an even better experience than the gig at the indispensable Indietracks. That’s what happened at Ray-Ban stage. It could be the hour, late afternoon, when Primavera Sound is getting crowded but you can still breath. Or the scenario (the coolest one), specially when the sun starts to come down. Or that this humble fan, impatiently awaiting at the very centre of the first row, knew the lyrics and loved all the tunes of latest LP ‘Silver Bullets’. Or, most probably, because Martin Phillips and Co. just nailed it, making the newest pieces shine alongside with the expected “classics”. An hypnosis session with our eyes (and ears) wide open, with too many moments to treasure: 'Underwater Wasteland', 'America Says Hello', 'Pink Frost' for sure, ‘Heavenly Pop Hit’, where my throat said enough for the rest of the Festival and, in particular, 'Doledrums', as glorious as I ever dreamt of. Best show of the year. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to see them at least a third time soon. Perhaps in a smaller venue for a much longer gig?
Warm, mighty pop waweforms with The Chills. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Best EPs of the Year 2016

Almost mid-December, so it's about time to start thinking about holidays, New Year's resolutions and, of course, best of the year lists! So honouring one of our most beloved traditions, we are going to unveil our favourite EPs, records, concerts, books and songs of 2016. Don't take it too seriously, of course, just as a way to pay our humble tribute to the bands & artists & reads that have blown our minds during the past months. So, let's begin with our best EPs (no singles, only releases between 3 to 6 songs), a format that regularly provides us so many gems. Check it out and stay tuned!

15. Actor​/​Actress- Fascinations Grand Chorus
14. Justo y Necesario- Apartamentos Acapulco
13. Hoops- Hoops
12. Séance for Something- Pale Lights
11. Terry vs Tori- Terry vs Tori
10. Year of the Rabbit- Eskimeaux
9. Red Returns- Desario
8. Blind Spot- Lush
7. Jobin- The Orielles
6. We. the Pigs- We. the Pigs
4. Breaker- Phosphene
3Canciones Populistas- Nacho Vegas*
2Never Going Home- Hazel English
1. Zona- Young Scum

Want to check the best EPs of 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012?

Note: Technically speaking, 'Canciones Populares' by Nacho Vegas came out digitally on December 2015. But as the physical release arrived this past January, when I heard it for the first time, it has been included (love it too much not do it).

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 128

The time of the season to get "recluded" at home until the Best-of-the-year-lists are done is approaching quickly (glups). But before the hour arrives, here's more exciting music for your ears only, thanks to a new TOP TEN Jukebox packed with flamboyant findings and some returns to action from beloved acts of the Blog, like Cayetana, Strand of Oaks or Photon (our friends from Watoo Watoo are behind this new-wavy gem). And remember, all songs are available at our Soundcloud page (Join Us!).

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 127

First days of December (please 2016, hurry up and end soon) and here comes a new TOP TEN Jukebox to, perhaps, join you in our forthcoming days off or anticipated holidays. It's a pretty eclectic combination of ace tunes this time. From the last songs of our dear Allo' Darlin (careful with the lyric), the excellent return of Nadia Reid, the terrific first glimpse of Tim Darcy's (Ought's frontman) solo effort, to the moody landscapes of Bodywash. Plenty to enjoy & discover! And remember, all songs are available at our Soundcloud page (Join Us!).

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Primavera Sound 2017: first impressions

No gala, no previous show, no videogame... not even a supposedly cool video on Youtube to mock people while they obsessively await for a rocket to be launched. Nothing. Just a not very remarkable imagery and a countdown at their Facebook page... And here it is! The Primavera Sound Festival 2017's line-up unveiled! Kaboom! Or wait... kaboom?

Because, at first glance, this is sort of a letdown. By far the less impressive line-up of the editions I've been lucky to attend. I never had such a limited number of artists/bands that are a MUST to watch. And there's also an inescapable feeling of deja vu (history repeating) mixed with very few surprises (Teenage Fanclub & Angel Olsen were mandatory, and having seen the latest in a small venue the excitement gets notoriously reduced...). Too much hip-hop, indietronic and electronic acts (don't we have Sonar Festival for that?) for my taste. Where are The Bats? The Julie Ruin/Le Tigre? Filthy Friends? The Decemberists playing 'The Crane Wife'? Rose Elinor Dougall? Novella? I could go on forever...

Needless to say, this is just my opinion... Besides, as it always happens with PS, there's always many names among the "small print" of the line-up worth watching and/or checking, something this year becomes even more obvious and necessary. So, honouring the Blog’s tradition, here’s our traditional rough (we don't have the timetables yet) “paint & colour” version of the line-up with our first impressions on the bands we are willing to see. Looks pretty yellow, right? Sure it will change (suggestions are welcomed)... A lot to listen ahead!!

31 May -4 June

!!! (Chk Chk Chk)   7 Notas 7 Colores   Abdullah Rashim   About Leaving   The Afghan Whigs   Against Me!   Agorazein   Alex Cameron   Alexandra Savior   Alien Tango   Âme live   Angel Olsen   Anímic   Annette Peacock   Aphex Twin   Arcade Fire   Aries   Aurora Halal   Autarkic   Avalon Emerson   BADBADNOTGOOD   Barbott   Belako   Ben UFO   Berri Txarrak   Bicep   The Black Angels   Bon Iver   Broken Social Scene   Cigarettes After Sex   CLUBZ   Dj Coco   Conttra   Converge   Cymbal Eat Guitars   The Damned   Dave P.   Death Grips   Descendents   Discos Paradiso Crew   Dixon   Don't DJ   Dj Dustin   El Petit de Cal Eril   Elmini   Elza Soares   Fatima Yamaha   Ferenc   Flying Lotus   Formation   Frank Ocean   Front 242   Gas   Glass Animals   Gojira   Gordi   Grace Jones   Grandaddy   The Growlers   Hamilton Leithauser   Henrik Schwarz   Her Little Donkey   Huerco S.   HVOB   InnerCut   Iosonouncane   It's Not Not   Japandroids   Jardín de la Croix   Jeremy Jay   JMII   Joey Purp   John Talabot Disco Set   Joy Orbison   Julia Jacklin   Julie Doiron   Junun featuring Shye Ben Tzur & The Rajasthan Express   Kelly Lee Owens   Kepa Junkera & Los Hermanos Cubero   Kevin Morby   Khidja   King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard   King Krule   King Sunny Adé   KiNK   Kokoshca   Kornél Kovács   Lady Wray   Lauer   Les Cruet   Les Sueques   Let's Eat Grandma   Local Natives   Lord Of The Isles   Lvl Up   Mac DeMarco   The Magnetic Fields   The Make-Up   Mannequin Pussy   Màquina Total   Maresme   Marie Davidson   Marta Delmont   Matrixxman   Medalla   Melange   Metronomy   Michael Mayer   Miguel   Mishima   Mitski   The Molochs   Moscoman   Muñeco   Murdoc   Museless   The Mystery Lights   Nikki Lane   No Zu   Noga Erez   Nots   Odina   Operators   PAVVLA   Pearson Sound   Pedro Vian   Pender Street Steppers   Phurpa   Pinegrove   Playback Maracas   Polar Inertia   Pond   Preoccupations   Priests   Rebuig   Recondite   Retirada!   Romare   Rosalía & Raül Refree   Royal Trux   Run The Jewels   S U R V I V E   Saint Etienne   Salfumán   Sampha   Sau Poler   Seu Jorge plays The Life Aquatic a tribute to David Bowie   Shelby Grey   Shellac   Sinkane   Skepta   Skinny Puppy   Slayer   Sleaford Mods   Sleep   Slim Cessna's Auto Club   Solange   Soledad Vélez   Sorry Kate   Swans   Swet Shop Boys   Talaboman   Teenage Fanclub   Dj Tennis   This Is Not This Heat   Triángulo de Amor Bizarro   Tuff City Kids   Tycho   Vaadat Charigim   Van Morrison   Vladimir Ivkovic   Vox Low   Wand   The Waterparties   The Wave Pictures   The Wedding Present   Weval   Weyes Blood   The Wheels   Whitney   Wild Beasts   William Tyler   The XX   Youandewan   The Zombies perform “Odessey & Oracle” 50th Anniversary

Green- Definetely seeing them. Absolute must
Orange- If there are no overlaps (in particular with the green ones), I'll be there for sure
Yellow- Curious about it/on "research mode"/nice option if there's no overlap