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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Discoverer 61: new indie findings

Back from one of the most intense weeks of the year with a new dose of great findings!

The Mantles. We begin in Frisco/Oakland with a band active since 2007. Shows and early singles followed until 2009, when they released their self-titled debut album on Siltbreeze. A follow-up came out next year with "Pink Information" EP on Mexican Summer. But their proper comeback will arrive this June with sophomore release "Long Enough to Leave", out on the infallible Slumberland Records. Janglepop with sweet vocals but also rumbling guitars, infectiously bright garage of immediate effect, paired with pop harmonies, echoes of the Paisley Underground mixed with joyous, classic indiepop, The Mantles offer a relentless collection of ridiculously catchy tunes.
Without Feathers. Back to the UK. Blog followers know I adore Nat Johnson. I'm sure that if she records herself just singing the entire Sheffield phonebook, I'd love it. But the former songstress of beloved Monkey Swallows the Universe, currently a Figurehead, now has another project with Emma Kupa, ex Standard Fare currently in Ely, and solo artist Rory McVicar, now in IT. The trio began their adventure this March, but recently made available (name your price) their first three demos. Three guitars creating an instantly lovable stripped down affair, three harmonious voices intertwined. A gentle music supergroup on the works, folks!

Beach Vacation. And we our week proposals end going back to the States, with a quartet from Oak Harbor, Washington, formed after playing a high school talent show. They quickly got signed to Dufflecoat Records, and debuting with "Maritime" EP, out since April (digitally and physically). Fresh and undeniably attractive, this four tunes are hard to resist. In the league of bands under the "surf pop label", think on the happiest Wild Nothing version, Craft Spells or Beach Fossils, but with a bigger scope, that also makes you recall C86 bands or the most upbeat Swedish indiepop. Definitions aside, the promise of this first batch of songs is exciting, Beach Vacation are a name to follow closely from now on.

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