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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 192 (Primavera Sound Festival Special)

Today we have a special Jukebox for you, a miscellaneous playlist devoted to the Primavera Sound Festival that, beginning (for us) next Wednesday, will keep the whole week pretty busy enjoying awesome groups live! Many bands and artists to see, so we thought it might we worth to warm-up with some tunes from the acts that look more appealing for us, plus "some mandatory" gigs to attend like Slowdive, The Twilight Sad, The National or Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. We'll keep you posted and, as usual, all these songs are also available at our Soundcloud, so please join us! And see you at Forum!

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Friday, May 25, 2018

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 191

It's Friday, the last one before the arrival of another Primavera Sound Festival, so you can imagine we are counting down the days. Besides, a new month is around the corner, a pretty exciting one in which we are going to 'put our feets' in Asia! But first goes first, so it's time to bring you our new TOP TEN JUKEBOX, full of discoveries that will help you enjoy the weekend as it deserves. Relax and remember, all the songs are available at our Soundcloud . (Join Us!)

Friday, May 18, 2018

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 190

It's finally Friday! And luckily for us, we have a long weekend ahead (much needed). But for those that doesn't, we have prepared a 'travellers' playlist. So, grab your backpack and get ready for the trip! Because thanks to the bands listed in our TOP TEN JUKEBOX you will be able to visit Seattle, Melbourne, Amsterdam or Osaka to discover flamboyant, new exciting tunes. Therefore, fasten properly your belt, the weekend begins here! And remember, all the songs are available at our Soundcloud . (Join Us!)

Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 189

Although we are in the midst of a busy weekend in which we are happily 'surrounded' by books, we still have time to propose you another TOP TEN JUKEBOX. Ten stunning tunes for you listening pleasure, full of exciting bands to discover, plus the return of our beloved Young Scum, sp we invite you to have fun and relax with the music we have selected for you and remember. As always, all are available at our Soundcloud . (Join Us!)

Friday, May 11, 2018

Primavera Sound 2018: my draft schedule

Here comes one of our favourite Blog traditions! The timetables of the Primavera Sound Festival 2018 have been disclosed, so it's time to organize our, temptative, very early, work in progress, draft, personal schedule. Unfortunately, at first look (sure some additional bands will be added) it is clear this is the less exciting edition for us, with not too much we are really eager to see, plus some of the (usual) overlaps reducing the options even more. But anyway, while we do some 'research' to complete the routes (one of the most attractive things of Festivals) and keep an eye on the final surprises (that bigger and open hidden stage) here's what our PS 2018 looks like right now. Suggestions are kindly accepted!

Wednesday,  May 30th, Parc del Fòrum
19:00 Javiera Mena (Primavera with Apple Music)
20:00 Spiritualized with orchestra and choir (Auditori RockDelux)
20:55 Wolf Parade (Primavera with Apple Music)
22:15 Belle and Sebastian (Primavera with Apple Music)
Very temptative day, as the only mandatory gig would be Spiritualized. It still hurts that Belle and Sebastian has lost the aforementioned compulsory condition. But it's been a while now...

Thursday, May 31st, Parc del Fòrum
17:40 Vagabon (Primavera with Apple Music)
19:15 The Twilight Sad (Pitchfork)
19:40 Warpaint (Seat)
20:50 The War on Drugs (Mango)
23:00 Amaya Laucirica (Night Pro)
23:35 Fever Ray (Primavera with Apple Music)
23:40 Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds (Mango)
Ok day with not a lot of must-see acts (The War on Drugs and Vagabon) but the additions of The Twilight Sad (although it clashes with Warpaint, first let down the Festival) and recently discovered Amaya Laucirica has made the day worthy. We end pretty early, which it seems is going to be some kind of a trademark of this PS' edition for us...

Friday, June 1st, Parc del Fòrum
16:50 Fontaines D.C. (Day Pro)
17:40 Waxahatchee (Primavera with Apple Music)
19:10 The Breeders (Mango)
20:20 Father John Misty (Seat)
21:30 The National (Mango)
23:30 Charlotte Gainsbourg (Primavera with Apple Music)
00:40 Cigarettes After Sex (Ray-Ban)
03:20 Omni (Adidas Originals)
The most promising day for us, with up to seven acts we are really willing to see, gets seriously jagged because Fontaines D.C. (soon to be featured at the Discoverer series) is only playing at Day Pro (meaning the city centre) and we don't have the superpower of ubiquity yet, and the gap until Omni's gig looks gigantic... Still, from Waxahatchee to Ms. Gainsbourg there's a pretty fine afternoon-evening awaiting us.

Saturday, June 2nd, Parc del Fòrum
17:00 Núria Graham (Ray- Ban)
18:55 Car Seat HeadRest (Mango)
20:10 Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (Adidas Originals)
21:30 Slowdive (Primavera with Apple Music)
22:45 Jay Som (Pitchfork)
23:50 Arctic Monkeys (Mango)
And the last big day is kind of dubious. Excited to see Rolling Blackouts and Slowdive (although we saw them in March in a much smaller venue, so it's hard that a Festival show could beat that experience), and there are some nice options to warm-up and await until the Monkeys gig ends PS 2018 for us... but is that all?

Sunday, June 3rd, 
Tigercats, Waxahatchee and Jay Som could be enough reasons to consider a return to Sunday's, more so if that allows us to making some schedule switches. We'll see...

Stay tuned for further developments!!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 188

First weekend of May coming to it's end and, in order to cheer up this rainy but busy weekend, and begin the week with the needed energy, here's our latest round of the TOP TEN JUKEBOX. Again the playlist is full of different musical styles, so please allow yourselves to dive into these ten songs and discover a whole range of wonders & possibilities. From the return of beloved The Goon Sax to the alt-rock sounds of A Festival, A Parade, going through the vintage rock of The Saxophones or the indie-pop of The Sideways, there's quite a lot to enjoy and discover! Have a nice day and remember, all tunes are available at our Soundcloud . (Join Us!)

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Indie Anthology 83: essential songs

With all the **it taking place in Spain (and the world) right now and uncertainty (again) knocking our front door, it was time for a "happy tune" in our Indie Anthology. With that aim and thanks to the recent read/review on a highly recommendable book which revisits power-pop and new wave's most noteworthy acts, made me remember one of the most joyful bands ever. Let's go back to Athens, GA, again...

Song: Roam 
Artist: The B-52s 
Year: 1989

Pretty easy to figure out, it was R.E.M. who brought me to the B-52s' music, a music that, to be honest, didn't really click with me at first. Guess I always found hits like 'Rock Lobster' or 'Love Shack' a bit too playfully silly (I like 'Shinny Happy People', but it wouldn't rank among my R.E.M.'s favourite precisely). But with time and patience to dig a bit deeper I discovered several gems, like 'Give Me Back My Man' (their top tune if you ask me), 'Deadbeat Club' or this perfect-pop slice entitled 'Roam' (seems it was big hit in the States, though), arguably among the best songs for going on the road. Slightly psychedelic (that guitar line, looping around itself) and danceable, contagious (handclapping!), cheerful and sprightly inviting (easy when you have Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson intertwining voices) from the very first second. A tune to foster you into adventure...