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Friday, December 22, 2017

Best Songs of the Year 2017: 25-1

We made it, here's the final round of our Best Songs of the Year! The last 25 songs of our particular list, one that ranges from consecrated artists and supergroups to rising bands, without forgetting most beloved comebacks and Blog favourites. We encourage you to listen the Spotify playlist below, the songs deserve it. And we do hope you have enjoyed this 'musical tour' as much as we have done preparing it. We are taking some days off starting tomorrow, along with the music, we wish you Happy holidays and New Year. See you in 2018!   

25. The Orielles- Sugar Tastes Like Salt
24. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever- Julie’s Place
23. Milk Teddy- Rock‘n’Roll Cretin
22. Land of Talk- This Tim
21. Spinning Coin - Raining on Hope Street
20. Mick Trouble- Second Offence
19. Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett- Over Everything
18. Jeremy Neale- Small Talk
17. Aldous Harding- Imagining My Man
16. Rose Elinor Dougall- Colour of Water
15. Sea Blite- Cerulean
14. U2- Red Flag Day
13. The War on Drugs- Holding On
12. Hater- Mental Haven
11. Cayetana- Mesa
10. Last Leaves- The World We Had
9. The Bats- Rooftops
8. Real Estate- Darling
7. Danny de la Matyr-Lines
6. The Luxembourg Signal- Laura Palmer
5. The National- Day I Die
4. Hurray for the Riff Raff- Pa’lante
3. Protomartyr- A Private Understanding
2. Alvvays- In Undertow
1. Filthy Friends- Any Kind Of Crowd

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Best Songs of the Year 2017: 50-26

Keeping with our steady rhythm, here's comes the third round of our Best Songs of the Year! After the two previous chapters, we are getting closer to the final ranking, so each time is becoming harder to decide what band or artist should be included. But after a lot of thinking-listening here they are, "our" tunes comprised between positions 50 to 26 with their playlist for your listening pleasure. Enjoy and stay tuned, tomorrow we will unveil the last round of tunes, our TOP 25! Still a lot to listen!

50. Chemtrails- Deranged
49. Amber Arcades- It changes
48. Big Thief- Shark Smile
47. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever- French Press
46. Nation of Language- Indignities
45. Algiers- The Underside of Power
44. Cosmen Adelaida- Contra la Pared
43. The Stevens- Chancer
41. Mark Lanegan-Beehive
42. Hurray for the Riff Raff- Rican Beach
40. Fazerdaze- Lucky Girl
39. LCD Soundsystem- Call the Police
38. The Courtneys- Silver Velvet
37. Priests- Nothing Feels Natural
36. The Keep Left Signs- Tomorrow
35. Ride- Lannoy Point
34. Renaldo & Clara- Sense Voler
33. Beaches- Arrow
32. Las Ruinas- Viva la resolución
31. U2- The Little Things that Give You Away
30. The Stroppies- Gravity is Stern
29. Slowdive- Star Roving
28. Eyelids- Falling Eyes
27. The Luxembourg Signal- Blue Field
26. The National- The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Best Songs of the Year 2017: 75-51

Ready for the second chapter of our Best Songs of the Year? Here are the following 25 songs from our particular countdown! If  yesterday we unveiled tunes comprised between 100 and 76, today it's time the songs from 75 to 51!Hope you enjoy the corresponding playlist and, if you haven't yet had time to assimilate so much music, take a deep breath, because the third post is coming tomorrow!

75. Grizzly Bear- Morning Sound
74. Protomartyr- My Children
73. Los Planetas- Espíritu Olímpico
72. Sweet Nobody- Manner of Speaking
71. Flesh World- Into the Shroud
70. Cosmen Adelaida- Hermanos Wright
69. Nadine Shah- The Yes Men
68. Neil Finn- Chameleon Days
67. Renaldo & Clara - Els Afores
66. Aimee Mann- Patient Zero
65. Hannah Lou Clark- Don’t Sweat It
64. Star Tropics- All the Way to Heaven
63. Tim Darcy- Tall Glass of Water
62. Zebra Hunt- Lonely Summer
61. Wallflower- Nowhere

 60. The Stevens- Thirsty Eye
59. Tennis- I Miss That Feeling
58. Boutade- Strike Again
57. Salad Boys- Exaltation
56. The Ocean Party- Tell

55. Port Sulphur- Orient Express

54. Holiday Ghosts- In My Head
53. Omni-Equestrian
52. Pregnancy- First Kiss
51. Chicharrón- Contra Acantilados

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Best Songs of the Year 2017: 100-76

Back to our beloved lists! After EPs and Records, now is time to start unveiling our Best Songs of the Year! If you are a regular follower of this blog you'll probably know the 'rules', if not or you just don't remember after twelve months, here they are: we always unveil our favourite 100 tunes divided in four different posts of 25 songs each (something important, as it has been a particularly ‘rich’ year, full of exciting tunes from many acts, we have limited the maximum number of songs a group/artist can have in the complete list from three to two) and, of course, we compile the songs on playlists so you can enjoy them as much as we have as many times as you like. So, without further delay, here are the tunes comprise between 100 and 76! Hope you enjoy our selection, next round coming very soon!

100. Free Time- All Four Seasons
99.  Cina Polada- Gloom
98. We.the Pigs- Go Away
97. Lunch Ladies- Love Is Overrated
96. Jay Som- 1 Billion Dogs
95. Line & Circle- Man Uncounth
94. Marika Hackman- My Lover Cindy
93. The Districts- If Before I Wake
92. Patsy’s Rats- Is it Alright?

91. The Stammer- Over & Over

90. The Stroppies- Go Ahead
89. Últim Cavall- Arquitectures
88. Seafang- Stardust
87. No Kill- Eddie Vedder
86. Calgrove- Hot
85. The Age of Coloured Lizards- See You

84. Zuzu- What You want
83. Terry Malts- It’s not me
82. Boutade- Why Don’t We Talk About It
81. Kate Tempest- Europe is Lost
80. Destroyer- Tinseltown swimming in blood
79. Widowspeak- When I Tried
78. The Weather Station- Thirty
77. Las Ruinas- Señoras que miran mal
76. Vagabon- The Embers

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Best Records of the Year 2017

After our favourite EPs, and without wasting no more time, now it's time to unveil our Best Records of 2017! As in previous years, we have listed the 30 albums that we have listened and enjoyed the most during the last twelve months. As always, choosing between all the bands/artists' new releases that we have enjoyed during this 2017 has been very hard, but after thinking it quite a lot (which is also fun & a good excuse to have a great soundtrack with you) we believe that we have made a very varied and complete list. Awaited comebacks, new discoveries and in short, a lot of exciting music! Give it a try and stay tuned, because while you are listening this, in our opinion, amazing collection of records, we are finishing our the best songs of the year ... Coming soon!

30. Powerplant - Girlpool
29. Holiday Destination - Nadine Shah
28. Tomorrow - The Keep Left Signs
27. Rescued Objects - Arts & Leisure
26. The Weather Station- The Weather Station
25. Into the Shroud - Flesh World
24. Life After Youth - Land of Talk
23. Change of State - Novella
22. Nothing Feels Natural - Priests
21. Records de Kyoto - Últim Cavall
20. In Phrases - Zebra Hunt
19. Fits & Starts - A Certain Smile
18. Others Towns Than Ours - Last Leaves
17. Lost World - Star Tropics
16. Morningside - Fazerdaze
15. Stellular - Rose Elinor Dougall
14. Antisocialites - Alvvays
13. Els Afores - Renaldo & Clara
12. Mental Illness - Aimee Mann
11. A Deeper Understanding - The War On Drugs
10. The Courtneys II - The Courtneys
9. The Deep Set - The Bats
8. Second of Spring - Beaches
7. Slowdive - Slowdive
6. Sleep Well Beast - The National
5. Or - Eyelids
4. Blue field - The Luxembourg Signal
3Relatives In Descent - Protomartyr
2Crybaby - Danny de la Matyr
1The Navigator - Hurray for the Riff Raff

Special mentions note: There are some records that we are discovering & enjoying just right now. Therefore, as they have 'arrived late' to our ears, they haven't made the list, but we are pretty sure that, with a little more time ahead, they would part of the "chosen few". Three come to mind right now: Las Ruinas - 'Latidos Cósmicos', Nuevos Hobbies - 'Palmeras' and The Ocean Party - 'Beauty Point'.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Best EPs of the Year 2017

As we announced last week, it's time to unveil our best lists of the year! We begin with our 15 favourite EPs of 2017, the ‘little brothers’ of the albums that, despite their limited length (we include here releases between 3 to 6 songs, not 1-2 tunes singles), frequently prove the old saying of "good things come in small packages"... but, as always, the final say is all yours. So, allow yourself to be the judge and enjoy the bands & artists listed... And stay tuned, more lists in the works!!

15. Debbie Downer- You Know You’re Wrong
14. Dianas- Leave Love
13. Swimming Tapes- Soft Sea Blue
12. Secret Meadow- Same Old Fear
11. Chemtrails- Headless Pin Up Girl
10. Drahla- Third Article
9. Tennis- We Can Die Happy
8. Terry vs. Tori- Leap Day
7. We.the Pigs- EP2
6. Stutter Steps- Floored 
5. Rat Fancy- Suck a Lemon
4. Line & Circle- Vicious Folly
3Seablite- Seablite
2Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - The French Press 
1Mick Trouble- It’s The Mick Trouble

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Friday, December 8, 2017

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 171

While we are in the midst of preparing our best of the year lists (a fun tradition that we couldn't leave you without, right?) and some of you are enjoying a really long weekend, we saved a little time to bring you our new (and probably last of 2017) TOP TEN Jukebox with some 'familiar faces' like Fascinations Grand Chorus, Hideous Towns or Puzzles y Dragones, but also with several discoveries like The Nature Strip or Très Oui. Because being on the last month of the year does not necessarily mean there's no new & good music around! Have a nice day and remember, all songs are available at our Soundcloud. (Join Us!)

Friday, December 1, 2017

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 170

First day of December! Yes, we are starting that month of the year that people start to think about Christmas, really long lunches and dinners with a lot of food, gifts and winning the lottery....(plus many more 'traditions' and 'compulsory things to do') So, making an effort to avoid all these forthcoming craziness, that's coming to us, we have compiled a new TOP TEN Jukebox full of new discoveries. Only two of the bands, We.ThePigs and Dream Wife, have already appeared at our Jukebox so we encourage you to enjoy the latest 'additions' to our playlist while you arrange the perfect plans for this weekend. And remember, all songs are available at our Soundcloud. (Join Us!)