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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Primavera Sound 2013 in brief, day 1

Like we did on previous editions, we start our quick chronicles of each day of the Primavera Sound Festival 2013. So here's a brief note of what our particular opening day was like!

The Good
Join The Bots!
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Much better at the Parc: I admit I wasn't very enthusiastic with the idea of going to the Fòrum for the opening day. It's far, every walking distance is huge and the thought of massification (the gigs there were free) at Ray-Ban was discouraging. But distances aside, it proved to be a much better choice than have it at very centre of the city, like last year.
Sound quality: In that sense, the four bands saw yesterday enjoyed a much better sound than on past edition. Hope that's a sign for the days to come.
The Bots: Wasn't mesmerized about the songs, in my opinion still to be polished, more defined as a whole, but I got seriously impressed by the performance and potential of this incredibly young duo. The reincarnation of The White Stripes from a very exciting couple. Band to follow closely.

The Bad
The Vaccines. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Night at Apolo: Terrible organization, or better said, suffered from the lack of it. We arrived early there (skipped Delorean to have enough time) asked security at the front door of the venue, who told people willing to go to La [2] de Apolo would enter at 23:30, while the cue for Apolo would do it at 00.00. So we had a speedy dinner and at 23:20 we were there... to see how the cue was gigantic, just one for the two venues, already cornering the whole block. Impossible to get into such a small place like la [2] de Apolo. The result: missed Cheatahs and Veronica Falls due to bad organization (or at least misinformation from security).

In Guards we trust. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The Queen
Guards: It was a day without outstanding performances. I didn't enjoy Aliment, although I guess they did a solid gig. And I'm pretty sorry to confirm what I already after seeing them at past Primavera Club. The Vaccines have the songs, but with the exception of an relentless frontman, they are a quite limited band. So the "queen of the day" title has to go to Guards, who were, as expected, pretty good. Less poppier than on record, tunes gained weight, fitting perfectly for the festival format. Sadly, the gig was short and they choose a couple of noisy instrumental interludes that for me, weren't necessary, and not representative of their fantastic taste/talent for pop melodies. Nevertheless, a solid performance. I want them back on a small venue!

First "big day" this afternoon/night. It's brief coming very soon here!

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