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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Primavera Sound 2013 in brief, day 5

And we reach the end of the Primavera Sound Festival 2013, with it’s smallest (for us) day, Sunday 26th at BARTS, plus an overview of the whole Festival coming next.

The Good 
The Orchids. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
BARTS- I already said that with the occasion of last Primavera Club, BARTS main stage is a fantastic venue for live music. A pretty, quite comfortable place, and with good sound. We didn’t went to the Apolo gigs, but the idea of combining this two venues (one in front of the other) is a much welcomed one. Besides, people was silent the majority of the time, there’s still hope!
Jangle pop at Primavera Sound- It began last year with Veronica Falls, although someone could say that bands like Cults, Guards or Tennis also offer a mellower version of indiepop. Others could also argue that bands like Belle and Sebastian or Camera Obscura cover that style, even having main slots at the Festival. But to me, these bands are not jangle-pop or just “too big” to be considered representatives, so in my opinion jangle-pop is sort of a neglected style at Primavera. That’s why seeing Veronica Falls, Evans the Death and finally The Orchids at BARTS was gratifying. I’m very glad jangle pop can also has its space at the Festival. Dear organisers, why don’t you let Indietracks, Eardrums, Matinee or Fortuna Pop, to name a few, curate a stage next year (and forget about death/trash metal or rap/hip-hop by the way)?
Sr.Chinarro. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

As there wasn’t anything particularly bad or extraordinary to remark about Sunday gigs, (The Orchids, Julie Doiron, Sr.Chinarro and Come were all, ok but nothing special, at least for me) I’ll just go on with the general overview of the Festival you can find here.

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