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Friday, May 24, 2013

Primavera Sound 2013 in brief, day 2

Already exhausted, but here comes the quick update of the second day, first of the "big ones" of Primavera Sound Festival 2013. Our particular music trip!

The Good
Jehnny Beth, Savages
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Savages: Our bet of the day (probably of the Festival too) and they didn't disappoint. Unfortunately lead guitarist Gemma Thompson had a serious issue with her guitar halfway to their gig, so after solving it, their set got shortened. But what a striking band Savages are. Singer Jehnny Beth is a fierce, sharp, mind blowing stage presence. Songs are like razorblades. They look for you, hunt you, get you and don't let you go. A real shock to your system. Brutal.
Deerhunter-Grizzly Bear: I know they are big "alternative" bands with a consolidated, prestigious position on the alternative scene. But until yesterday, I honestly never gave much attention to them. My mistake. Won't happen again. Very good shows, stunning songs.
Sound quality: As we hoped for on Wednesday, the sound quality (the exception being Adidas Original) was very high in all the stages we went yesterday. Great improvement.

The Bad
Dinosaur Jr., PS13. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Evans the Death: If Savages was our first must of the day, Evans the Death was our second. A personal favourite, and the chance to see them on one of the smallest venues was extremely appealing. But they gave a terrible show. Terrible. Awful sound, a complete lack of interest on playing, and a singer who was clearly drunk, destroying completely their beautiful tunes. The performance of "Telling Lies" still hurts me. What a disappointment.
Cigarettes & alcohol: And mobile phones. And pogos. And posers & fakers. I'll never understand what's the point of paying for a music Festival when all you want is getting drunk, show your clothes and keep chatting with your mobile or your partner. Can't you do that every *****ing weekend of the year?

The Queen
Phoenix' Thomas Mars on screen
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Seven bands on a day: Our schedule was quite a challenge (and I'm sure many people saw even more bands than us): Wild Nothing- Savages- Evans the Death- Dinosaur Jr.- Deerhunter- Grizzly Bear- Phoenix. It was tiring (distances are killing) but absolutely rewarding. With the aforementioned exception, I enjoyed six very different, good/very good shows (I would like to highlight Wild Nothing and Mr. Mascis in particular) on the same day. How many festivals can offer the same? That's what makes Primavera, despite all "issues" (that become quite secondary), so unbeatable at the end.

Third day beginning in few hours. Many more bands to talk about. Briefing available here!

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