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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Primavera Sound 2013 in brief, day 4

And here it is the fourth chapter of our particular Primavera Sound Festival 2013, covering the last "big day", Saturday 25th at Parc del Fòrum!

The Good
The great Camera Obscura
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Camera Obscura: To me, the gig was too short (maybe because they started a bit later than scheduled, due to some technical problems, I believe courtesy of Apple, of course) and it wasn't my dreamed setlist either (no songs from first albums "Underachievers Try Harder" or "Biggest Blue Hi-Fi."). But what a wonderful thing is to have Camera Obscura back on stage, with Tracyanne Campbell and the band sounding great at a crowded Ray-Ban stage, in front a very pleased and cheerful audience. And the three new tunes played were terrific, so the expectations on "Desire Lines" couldn't be higher now. Seeing you again in less than a month!
Six more bands: I insist. Primavera Sound's offer is hard to match. Even on a far from spectacular day (see the section below) we managed to see six more bands: Modelo de Respuesta Polar- Adam Green & Binki Shapiro- Melody's Echo Chamber- Bored Spies- Camera Obscura- Los Planetas.
A friendlier venue: Maybe because after three days of Festival people was tired, or due to the lack of big names (compared with Thursday and Friday) there was less attendance, or just the fact we didn't choose the maing stages... but the whole day was very comfortable.

The Bad
Bored Spies. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Weak day: If you combine bad luck, with the cancellations of Rodríguez and Band of Horses (a very tough, last-minute announcement) with, in my opinion, questionable choices from the organisation in what regards to the day's line-up and schedule, the result can only be one: the weakest day of this year's Festival, and probably the weakest I ever seen at Primavera Sound in the editions I've attended.
Wu-Tang Clan & Dead Can Dance: No offence to the two groups, but to me are the perfect examples of why it was a poor day. Both bands had two of the biggest stages of the venue and arguably fantastic times to play, with little, if any, "competence". In front of who? It was obvious, judging from the huge amount of people gathered on the food areas and stores that a vast amount of the audience didn't know where to go. Or the schedule was because of the Football Champions League Final? The timetables are suspiciously coincident...
Freezing Fòrum: Another freezing day, and the venue doesn't help any bit (there's no place to hide from the wind). I wonder how many people will start the week with a serious cold.

Adam Green, "mighty" dancer
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The Queen
Adam Green: I knew it was going to be worth seeing. But it was much more than that. Charming music (the record with Binki Shapiro is quite a delight), flawless performances, and an extremely fun show. What an entertaining frontman Mr. Green is. He seemed to be on a very relaxed and joyful mood, and he did everything to transmit it to the audience, with his trademark silly and crazy dances, chatting in his surreal Spanish, or just making stage diving a whole walk through the public's head and hands. Impossible not to smile, laugh and enjoy the music. The gig of the day without a doubt.

The last day coming this afternoon, so final briefing will be also on its way here!

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