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Saturday, July 25, 2020

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 261

Despite the darker times and difficulties, even a bit more for culture, there's some hope. And when that hope comes in the form of music, this Blog has reasons to celebrate. Forgive the lack of modesty, but our latest TOP TEN JUKEBOX is a brief yet fine example. Because the ten tracks gathered here are not just a very strong collection of tunes, with several favourites of this year so far. It is also playlist in which lyrics are meaningful, intriguing, exciting. As they should, particularly in this era of... fake empires. Have a nice weekend, take care out there, and remember to join us at our Soundcloud page!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 260

Strange week within the most strangest times. A wonderful weekend off, you get excited and start to make plans... and the somber of a new confinement is around the corner. Well, we won't let the reckless and the politic indecisions let us down. And to help us do so, we have prepared our latest TOP TEN JUKEBOX, ten tunes full of stunning comebacks (Los Planetas, Bob Mould or Widowspeak) as well as the usual dose of discoveries. Have a nice weekend, use common sense out there, and remember to join us at our Soundcloud page!

Friday, July 10, 2020

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 259

We told you. Our temporary "hibernation" doesn't mean we weren't listening. So there's quite a stunning collection of tunes awaiting to be "playlisted" and posted at the Blog. Like the ones gathered in our latest TOP TEN JUKEBOX, which arrives with ten fresh proposals from ten new promising acts (some very exciting records here too, worth checking if you fancy the tunes). Have a nice weekend, and remember to join us at our Soundcloud page!

Sunday, July 5, 2020

The Bloodbuzzed Jukebox Week 258

Recovering the path of music that deserves to be highlighted and discovered, here arrives our weekly TOP TEN JUKEBOX. A collection of eclectic sounds, ranging from classic pop (what a pleasant surprise having Travis here) to Hamilton Leithauser's dreamy, vintage trademark tune, the mesmerizing shoegaze of Corasandel, channeling Slowdive's spirit, to the electric music of The Wolfhounds (check their new record, what a comeback!), or our dose of cracking indiepop from down under, just to name a few. Definetely not a playlist to be missed. Have a nice Sunday and join us at our Soundcloud page!

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