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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Best EPs of the Year 2015

After yesterday's list with our favourite concerts of 2015 list, now it's time for the EPs which, in this Blog's view, it's a regular source of music gems that doesn't get the attention it deserves. So, in order to make our humble contribution and highlight this wonderful format, here you have, in our opinion, the best 15 EPs of the year (no singles, 3 to 6 songs). Hope you enjoy!

15. High & Vibrate- The Persian Leaps 
13. Lemonseeds- Morels
12. Dregs- Tuff Love
11. Headcase- Day Wave
10. Nevski- Nevski
9. When you need me the most- Alpaca Sports
8. Montaña, guía y milagros- Victoria Ford
7. Seconds- Seconds*
6. Bodyheat- Bodyheat
5. Murder Shoes - Murder Shoes
4. I don't want to let you down - Sharon Van Etten
3Roygbiv- Flyying Colours
2Over Easy - Diet Cig
1. Wild- Young Romance

*(Technically not an EP but a split LP with band Joya, but considering both bands have six songs, and the release consists of two separate EPs, each with their own artwork, we included Seconds on the list)

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The "Records List" coming shortly!

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