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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Best Songs of the Year 2017: 75-51

Ready for the second chapter of our Best Songs of the Year? Here are the following 25 songs from our particular countdown! If  yesterday we unveiled tunes comprised between 100 and 76, today it's time the songs from 75 to 51!Hope you enjoy the corresponding playlist and, if you haven't yet had time to assimilate so much music, take a deep breath, because the third post is coming tomorrow!

75. Grizzly Bear- Morning Sound
74. Protomartyr- My Children
73. Los Planetas- Espíritu Olímpico
72. Sweet Nobody- Manner of Speaking
71. Flesh World- Into the Shroud
70. Cosmen Adelaida- Hermanos Wright
69. Nadine Shah- The Yes Men
68. Neil Finn- Chameleon Days
67. Renaldo & Clara - Els Afores
66. Aimee Mann- Patient Zero
65. Hannah Lou Clark- Don’t Sweat It
64. Star Tropics- All the Way to Heaven
63. Tim Darcy- Tall Glass of Water
62. Zebra Hunt- Lonely Summer
61. Wallflower- Nowhere

 60. The Stevens- Thirsty Eye
59. Tennis- I Miss That Feeling
58. Boutade- Strike Again
57. Salad Boys- Exaltation
56. The Ocean Party- Tell

55. Port Sulphur- Orient Express

54. Holiday Ghosts- In My Head
53. Omni-Equestrian
52. Pregnancy- First Kiss
51. Chicharrón- Contra Acantilados

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