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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Best Records and EPs of the year 2016... so far

Half of the year 2016 is about to say bye. So, it's time to honour one of the Blog's favourite traditions: gather the 25 best records and EPs of the year so far (until half June). As we did in previous years, the albums and EPs are listed in alphabetical order (because the complete, final list ranking them arrives when the year ends). Hoping you enjoy these great albums/EPs* as much as we do! Stay tuned, our favourite songs of this six months of music coming next!

Algo nos va a pasar- Espíritusanto
Breaker EP- Phosphene
Canciones Populistas EP- Nacho Vegas
Crystal Cafe- Witching Waves
Cut and Paste- Oscar
Everybody’s Dying to Meet You- Flowers
Fading Lines- Amber Arcades
Fall Forever- Fear of Men
La Puerta Giratoria- Invisible Harvey
Lost Time- Tacocat
Luck or Magic- Britta Phillips
Minor Victories- Minor Victories
Next Thing- Frankie Cosmos
Postal- Chicharrón
Psiconáutica- Linda Guilala
Psychopomp- Japanese Breakfast
Red Returns EP- Desario
Resort- Tuff Love
Séance for Something EP- Pale Lights
Some Other Places- California Snow Story
Split Milk- Pete Astor
Up to Anything- The Goon Sax
We. the Pigs EP- We. the Pigs

Click on the years to check our 2011201220132014 and 2015 selections!

* Note I: Currently listening Mitski's "Puberty 2" and Margaret Glaspy's "Emotions and Maths" which seem fated to be on the list.

*Note II: Technically speaking, 'Canciones Populares' by Nacho Vegas came out digitally on December 2015. But as the physical release arrived this past January, when I heard it for the first time, it has been included (love it too much not do it).

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