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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Discoverer 126: new indie findings

And here's the second chapter in anticipation of Primavera Club. Three more must-see at the Festival, enjoy!

Algiers. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, this trio formed in 2007 but it wasn't until January 2012 they released first single 'Blood' via Double Phantom, followed by digital single, 'Claudette' a year later. And now we can enjoy and get freaked out by their eponymous debut,out since this June on Matador. Conjuring the dead sounds to life, Algiers music is a tense, mind-blowing collision of post-punk, gospel, dub and soul. The Birthday Party meeting Suicide meeting The Temptations. Propelled to the stratosphere by Franklin James Fisher howling vocals and politically charged lyrics calling for rebellion and taking a stance against oppression, racism, and the dictatorship of capitalism. Bravest, boldest, most amazing record of the year? Band to follow, in every sense of the word...

Jessica Pratt.  From East to West Coast to meet this young singer-songwriter, based in L.A. and active since 2007 when she got linked to Tim Presley's solo project White Fence, who heard her demos and eventually released her self-titled debut album on his label Birth Records in 2012. The buzz was notorious, with first 500 pressings of the LP selling out in less than two weeks and main music websites and magazines praising it. Now she's back with LP 'On Your Own Love Again' out on January 2015 via Drag City, Vocally magnetic, making you recall folk myths like Joni Mitchell, Sibylle Baier or Karen Dalton, warm and intimate, she summons the spirits of 60's classic folk but still sounds fresh and surprising. Simply irresistible.

Fraser A. Gorman. And we end in Melbourne, Australia, to meet this extremely young (only 23!!) talent, active part of the DIY collective Milk! Records leaded by our beloved Courtney Barnett. Involved in local bands since an early teenager, first in Torquay, his birthplace, and later relocated in Melbourne, his solo project has offered us two releases to date, both this 2015: the single 'Book of Love' and debut album 'Slow Gum' both out in Milk! Records. Country-folk, Americana... and mostly, honest, joyous and heartfelt rock'n'roll with a ridiculous ability to tell stories while arresting you with another infectious hook or a stomping chorus. Fated for greatness!

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