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Monday, June 4, 2018

Primavera Sound 2018 in brief, day 2

No time to waste. Here's the second round of our traditional briefings of what went on for us within the Primavera Sound Festival 2018. Friday 1st of June came with several "big names" and a few promises to be confirmed so let's begin!

The Good
A great female afternoon: The combo of Waxahatchee-The Breeders is just a fantastic way of beginning a Friday afternoon. The band of Katie Crutchfield, which includes her amazing sister Allison (what a wonder when their two voices intertwine) and the great Katie Harkin (Sleater-Kinney, Sky Larkin), gave us a top-notch show, passionate and powerful. We love 'Out of the Storm' and believe the future couldn't be brighter for them. The day kept getting better and somewhat linked, because after Waxahatchee it was the turn of the Deal sisters, who are so genuinely fun and lovely you really don't care about the initial false steps or little bloopers. Their gig, like the weather, got warmer and warmer, ending in a memorable, gigantic, way. A big big love for both bands.   
Waxahatchee, sister's act. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
That band from Ohio: Luckily, we've seen The National in many different occasions and much better, smaller venues now, so we didn't bother about getting in a front row (if you want to be in a closer position for a gig in Mordor, you must sacrifice the previous or next one) position. From the distance, it's pretty obvious the gig wasn't going to be that special for us, but still the band was impeccable and unafraid of getting into their latest and more experimental 'Sleep Well Beast', or deliver a setlist generous in ballads and downtempos. In our opinion, highlights were a rougher 'The System Only Sleeps In Total Darkness', 'Fake Empire' and finale 'About Today', all stunners, as well as newbie 'Rylan' sounding promising. They never disappoint.
Matt Berninger meets the digital age. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The Bad
Too much Mordor: After several editions without ending there that much, this PS18 we have spent too much time within Seat and Mango stages, the clearest symptom this year's line-up wasn't that appealing for us. Mordor is hell. No way to hide from the sun, too many bored people being there because the headliner "obliges" (meaning endless chat) and too many bar zones (meaning more human traffic of bored people). Add the issues of leaving the area, which is something that the organization has to improve. There's a Festival in Mordor and another one, much more pleasant, out of it.
Charlotte Gainsbourg: You know when you go somewhere because you have a reminiscence (not confirmed) that once you enjoyed it? It also works with records & artists. And usually, it's a mistake. That was the case.

The Queen
Father John Misty: It was in 2012 and Mr. Tillman opened the day (Saturday) at Auditori, very early in the afternoon. The venue wasn't full by no means, and he was doing a show on his own, acoustic guitar and dark sense of humour. How times have changed! On Friday he was accompanied by a full band and an orchestra, clearly one of the headliners of Friday line-up. And deservedly so. The show was arresting, flawless and enjoyable from start to finish. A performer at the top of his game, doing wonders with a song book that at Seat stage sounded like a collection of classics. Folks, the man has it. Probably the gig of the Festival. Must-see in a smaller venue as soon as we can. 
When pure comedy turns into pop. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Don't go anywhere, the final chronicle of the PS18 on Saturday 2nd, coming very soon at the Blog!

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