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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Best EPs of the Year 2019

We won’t miss 2019. Most certainly, it has been the worst year we can remember from a personal standpoint. Hospital, losses, and an exhausting level of intensity, while at the same time an appalling feeling of standstill, although some changes in the late third of the year are giving us some hope. Consequently, the Blog production has also suffered, something we deeply regret and we aim to readdress in 2020. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t listened to music, and that we aren’t ready to begin with our best of the year lists. As always (you can check previous posts at the bottom of this page) we have selected our 15 favorite EPs (for us, they are comprised from 3 to 6 songs). A collection of gems that we have enjoyed the most over 2019. Hope you like them (at least as much as we do) and remember to stay tuned, more lists coming soon!

15. Not Yours! - Annie Taylor
14.  Dial H for Hannah Barberas - The Hannah Barberas
13. Daydream Hawker - Go Fever
12. Dear Natalie - Crake
11. Growing Pains - Abbie Ozard
10. Midnight Language - Slideshow
9.  Outside - Molly Linen
8.  Unarticulated Wants - The Black Fever  
7.  Fenómeno - Dois
6.  Old Names for New Shapes - Wojtek the Bear
5.  All the Ships - Lost Ships 
4.  All the Same - Fanclub
3Video Days - Hobby Club
2En Garde - Flying Fish Cove 
1Get Bleak - Ducks Unlimited

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