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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Primavera Sound 2017 in brief, day 1

Just having some rest after the end of the main days of Primavera Sound Festival (PS) 2017, what an intense weekend this has been! (our advice is not to mix daily work with Festivals, if you can). So, pretty exhausted but with the memories still fresh from the gigs enjoyed, here's the first of our traditional quick chronicles with our experience at this Festival's edition. What follows is our take of Thursday 1st, with a couple of notes on Tuesday's showcase at Apolo. Let's go!

The Good
Heaven is far from Mordor: We swear it. There's "another" Primavera Sound happening at the smaller stages (referring here to Pitchfork and Adidas). On Thursday, most of our to-see list of bands was, by pure chance, playing on both stages, and it just offered us a great, comfortable, smooth afternoon-night of music.
Alexandra Savior, bewitching mystery girl. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Julia Jacklin, let the Aussie win, you'll thank me.
Photo: Bloodbuzzed 
Women should run the world: Les Sueques, Let's Eat Grandma, Kokoshca, Nots, Alexandra Savior, Julia Jacklin (and we missed Kate Tempest)... Tuesday and Thursday were full of interesting female artists/bands, proving the point the most exciting music is coming from women these days (been a while now)... a tendency that was going to repeat during the whole Festival. Ms. Jacklin in particular delivered a near-perfect show, quietly captivating, self-assured, naturally warm & charming, proving she's fated for great things. Keep and eye on her...

Fun with the Molochs: Nuggets garage, early Stones-styled R&B, hints of that "Mancunian grit"... What a contagious and straightforward show The Molochs put. Give me that beat!

The Bad
Let's Eat Grandma: It might had to do with the massification at Apolo, making the air unbreathable, but just let's say we didn´t get it, what an amorphous collection of tunes...
Primavera music fair: It is just me or it's getting worse each year? Where are the records? The amount of hipster s**t to be sold is just depressing. And what the hell is FNAC doing there, by the way?

The Queen
The Afghan Whigs: Eager to see Greg Dulli and Co. live for the first time, the band was instantly ready to take Ray-Ban stage by assault. The show was furious and passionate, all muscle and intensity, with not a single dull moment or less remarkable. Something that speaks wonders about their "resurrection", considering the gig was heavy on tunes from their latest two albums ('Demon in profile' is a killer live). Add the unstoppable force of well-known high-caliber pieces as 'Gentlemen', the stormy 'Debonair', or the highlight of the night imo, the majestic take of 'John the Baptist', the fierce performance of Dulli, and the instrumental flawless, and there's only one possible conclusion. A lot of black love to end the first day of PS on a very high note.
The Afghan Whigs, high-blooded souls. Photo: Bloodbuzzed  
Brief of the second "big day" of the PS17, Friday 2nd, coming next in a hurry, so stay tuned!

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