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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Best EPs of the Year 2018

Drum rolls... and let the fireworks begin! Because today, dear followers, we begin with our best lists of the year! A beloved and long-awaited tradition, although it makes us 'boil the head' with doubts, questions, heated debates and, of course lots of spins & spins. And the first post is devoted to the "shortest" category, so here comes our 15 favorite EPs of 2018, a fine collection of miniature wonders. Hope you enjoy (at least as much as we do) and remember to stay tuned, more lists coming soon!

15. Springtime EP- Le Superhomard
14. Chambers- Lightfoils
13. The Last EP- Soft Wounds
12. Hairband- Hairband
11. Cuckoo Spit - Chemtrails
10. Carolina St. - Okama Flannel Boy
9. Self-Destruct Reality- Jetstream Pony
8. Río Arga- Río Arga
7. Part Time Punks Session- Lavender Blush
6. The Smartest Person in the Room - Benjamin Dean Wilson
5. Último Disco- Cosmo K *
4. The Yetis- The Yetis
3Rain on My Face- Carbon Poppies
2Sugar & Spice- Hatchie
1Boygenius- Boygenius

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* For us, EPs releases comprising from 3 to 6 songs. However, we have made an exception with Cosmo K's 'Último Disco', technically a mini-album, but due to its very brief duration we have included it here. We liked it too much...

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