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Monday, December 11, 2017

Best EPs of the Year 2017

As we announced last week, it's time to unveil our best lists of the year! We begin with our 15 favourite EPs of 2017, the ‘little brothers’ of the albums that, despite their limited length (we include here releases between 3 to 6 songs, not 1-2 tunes singles), frequently prove the old saying of "good things come in small packages"... but, as always, the final say is all yours. So, allow yourself to be the judge and enjoy the bands & artists listed... And stay tuned, more lists in the works!!

15. Debbie Downer- You Know You’re Wrong
14. Dianas- Leave Love
13. Swimming Tapes- Soft Sea Blue
12. Secret Meadow- Same Old Fear
11. Chemtrails- Headless Pin Up Girl
10. Drahla- Third Article
9. Tennis- We Can Die Happy
8. Terry vs. Tori- Leap Day
7. We.the Pigs- EP2
6. Stutter Steps- Floored 
5. Rat Fancy- Suck a Lemon
4. Line & Circle- Vicious Folly
3Seablite- Seablite
2Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - The French Press 
1Mick Trouble- It’s The Mick Trouble

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