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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Discoverer 49: new indie findings

It's Sunday, so here are the weekly band proposals for your listening pleasure!

Ex Cops. We begin in Brooklyn with a duo: Brian Harding (ex Hymns) and Amalie Bruun (from Minks, band already highlighted on this Discoverer series). Born as Ex Cops in 2011 they released a homemade EP. A first single, "“You Are a Lion, I Am a Lamb” b/w “The Millionaire”, followed last April, before signing with Other Music Recording Co. Transformed into a quintet they took to the studio to record "True Hallucinations", their debut album, out now. And what a debut this is. A kaleidoscopic indiepop lesson, delicate and joyful, vintage but modern, strangely moody but full of hooks. Indispensable.

I Was A King. If you also believe Teenage Fanclub is not just a wonderful band, but also a group that mankind needs, here's a name for you. A trio coming from the adorable Norway, they formed in 2006, releasing their debut album "Losing Something Good for Something Better" a year later. In 2009, thanks to the buzz, they assaulted the States with "I Was A King", followed by "Old Friends" in 2011. And then came "You Love It Here", with the help of (attention) Norman Blake and Robyn Hitchcock, released, just in Norway, in late 2012. It's a tragedy, because this is such an incredible pop masterpiece. Pop music lovers, please listen them.

Plumerai. Sure, is not the first time I got into a band thanks to a female voice. Active since 2004, this Bostonians have gone through several line-up changes, four EPs and three records including 2011's "Your Guilty Prize", after which they added the Parisian Eliza Brown on vocals. With her on board (plus a new drummer) joining foundational members Martin & James Newman, they released their latest LP, "Mondegreen", past November. Eliza's powerful, sweet, breathy and mysteriously haunting vocals (I imagine her stealing hearts while singing at some jazz club) give a very unique counterpoint to the indiepop, with a dark twist, somewhere in between shoegaze and post-punk, band sounds. Seductive music.       

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