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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Discoverer 105: new indie findings

Another Primavera Club special, now in our Discoverer Series. Three very different bands just discovered this weekend!!

The Coathangers. Punk style for starters. Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, the band formed in 2006 as a fun excuse to hang out but, after playing just a house show, they were asked to open for The Hiss as the result of their powerful performance. Since then, constant touring, several EPs, singles and four full lengths: 'The Coathangers' (2007), 'Scramble' (2009), 'Larceny & Old Lace' (2011) and latest 'Suck My Shirt', released this March on Suicide Squeeze Records 2014. Although the group has now been reduced to a trio, there are no signs of exhaustion, as a matter of fact, it's clearly the opposite. Minnie, Crook Kid and Rusty are adding new resources to its trademark palette between no-wave and garage, without losing any sense of their spontaneity and vivacity. Dissonant, wild and fun ride.

Strand of Oaks. Timothy Showalter hails from Goshen, Indiana, though he is based in Philadelphia, after a very troubled personal story. After putting out a couple of first releases in 2006 and 2008, debut album 'Leave Ruin' appeared in 2009 on La Société Expéditionnaire. The folky, singer-songwriter territory was quickly overtook with self-released LP 'Pope Killdragon' a year later, where synthesizers and effects pedals offered a much wider range in Showalter's music. Tours followed, with another album, 'Dark Shores', coming in between via Ten Atoms Records in 2012. Finally, after a near-death experience in Christmas Day of 2013, this survivor recorded 'Heal' out this year on Dead Oceans. Confessional indie-folk turned into stormy rock and performed with a brutal honesty. Don't miss him live if you can, what a beast!

Horsebeach. This Mancunian four piece started out their short career to date as the solo bedroom project of Ryan Kennedy, but soon evolved into a full band. Self-titled EP appeared in November 2013, with track 'Even' being saluted by the UK media as the first step of a band to follow closely. The buzz made the limited edition 7" single 'Faded Eyes', out on Alone Together Recordings in February an immediate sold out. Something that anticipated the general praise their s/t album, out since July, is receiving. Melancholic, chiming jangle pop, with Real Estate, Wild Nothing but also 80s indie-pop dreamier bands as references. Oh! The knack for penning perennial melodies and the ability to stop time with a four minute tune. Horsebeach have both talents in their DNA, so don't miss them.

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