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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Discoverer 50: new indie findings

It's Sunday, time for new band proposals, enjoy!

Torres. Music has to express feelings, provoke emotions. Has to beat life. Sometimes, not many, an artist is capable of capturing intimate feelings, and make them universal, speaking to everyone. Like Mackenzie Scott's, a 22-year-old woman from Nashville, that under the nickname of Torres now debuts with a same-titled album. Recorded with very little resources, the album is a stark collection of Scott's incredible talents. 10 mind-blowing songs, musically between indie rock and minimalistic folk, propelled by her powerful and mutable voice, often subtle, others desperate, always unique. Add striking lyrics, like Flannery O'Connor colliding with Raymond Carver and resolve the equation. Haunting, extraordinary

Pia Fraus. More Estonians, yes! Formed in Tallinn in 1998 by six art-school students that self-released their debut album in 2001. Some changes on the line-up, three more records, EPs, singles & remixes, works with Norman Blake and many gigs complete their story... until this January Shelflife Records has released "Silmi Island", a compilation of their best tracks from 1998-2008, allowing new fans like me approaching their sound. A delicate, vibrant mix of shoegaze and dreampop that creates a unique atmosphere, an environment of their own, where vocal harmonies, reverb, layers and organs fit together gracefully. Can we hope for more?

Bored Spies. And our last proposal is a pretty risky one. They come from a very peculiar trio formed last year. Coming from Singapore, Seoul and Arizona. With only two songs available from their debut single "Summer 720", backed with B-side "‘沙鼠E'", and a promising double announcement: they are on the pre-production stage of its first full-length album, due later this year, and they will be in Barcelona at Primavera Sound Festival 2013 this May. I know that with just two songs including them as a band to follow might be premature. But judge by both tunes quality, sophisticated indiepop with traces of experimental rock wrapping the disarming voice of Cherie ko, and tell me it doesn't look exciting... 

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