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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Discoverer 58: new indie findings

Next chapter of our Sunday's proposals. Three new bands for your listening pleasure!

Wax Idols. We start with an all-female four-piece from Oakland, California. They began in 2011 as the solo project of Heather Fedewa, aka Hether Fortune. Her collection of somber, Gothic punk tunes, saw the light of day in the form of the "All Too Human" 7" and the LP "No Future", both out that same year. By then, Fortune had assembled a full band to join her live, becoming a proper group on the recording process of their sophomore release, "Discipline and Desire" out now in Slumberland Records. Menacing, fierce and resonating, Wax Idols sound like Savages storming The Chameleons bleakest numbers (Mark Burgess contributes on the record). Haunting band, to watch for sure.

Just Handshakes (We're British). Been awaiting for months to introduce you this Leeds band. Formed in 2008, the quartet released three singles on 2008-2009 prior to their first 7" on Tiptoe Records. Elefant Records released their second 7" "Falling Over Our Fear" in 2011. And on February came the mind-blowing single "London Bound" anticipating their forthcoming album "Say It", out this May. It has been immediate love, thanks to Clara's sweet echoing voice, the indiepop enduring melodies, embellishing synths and guitar hooks. Like my beloved Fear of Men, my crush is here to stay, I admit. Happily.
Goodly Thousands. From the small Irish town of Dundrum comes this band that started its career in 2010. Aside from the gigs around Dublin, the trio has released a single, "Kiss Me Upside-Down" on the Popical Island #2 compilation, and more recently, a 4 track EP on Long Lost Records. Finally, in February 2013, Shelflife (always Shelflife) published their debut double A-side 7" "Honest" b/w "I Wish".  Overall, a small collection of tunes drawing us back to 80's jangle-pop, with echoes of The June Brides and The Hit Parade. Genuine indiepop driven by shimmering guitars and Colm vocals. More this good soon, please!

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