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Thursday, June 21, 2012

EardrumsPop & Young Romance= glorious indie-pop

ePop022- Young Romance

Any indie-pop lover knows that each time EardrumsPop announces a new release, it's time to go to their website and let your ears celebrate their (nearly immaculate) taste. But in this occasion, there was even more anticipation than usual, as the band featured in their ePop022 is Young Romance, a band already discovered on this blog, and one that got me completely haunted with just a bunch of songs. I was anxiously looking for their next step, and here it is, in the form of an  EardrumsPop EP. What a wonderful combination!

Previous tunes like "Swollen Hearts, Bitter Tongues" or "She, Me, Him and You" proved this London duo had a very special talent to inject a burst of real emotion and passion to their sweetest, utterly romantic indie-pop tunes. It seemed impossible to achieve, but with this EP they have reached a new level, Paolo and Claire have penned a couple of perfect songs.  

"Follow on Your Own" is sublime: slow burning verses, killer chorus where Claire's voice is disarming, a background of layers and fuzziness. Definitely one to rank among the best-songs-of-the-year list. And is followed closely by "Break My Heart By Morning". Listening Young Romance's tunes one has to believe Paolo's words (you can read them on the digital booklet also included on the EP) of "wanting their songs to capture the rush of feeling something for the very first time". Indeed.

Unfortunately, "Rose Tint", the song Young Romance chose to cover (the tradition of the EardrumsPop EPs is to cover a song the featured group considers it deserves more attention), from the group Lulu and the Lampshades (now just Landshapes), passes almost unnoticed. An ok song nevertheless, but pales by comparison with the couple of terrific songs. Oh! And if I may add another little complaint: unfortunately, the artwork doesn't do any justice to the beauty of this EP. Being completely honest, it is very close to be on the next Stop Awful Covers post. 

But let's concentrate on the positive. EardrumsPop did it again. A stunning free!!!! EP from Young Romance, a lovely duo that makes gorgeous indie-pop. Run (virtually) and grab it (Odd box Records will release a physical, limited edition of the single, cheers for that too!).

SCORE: 7,5/10

Listen them!!
Young Romance by Young Romance

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