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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Discoverer 11: new indie findings

Round 11, here we go!

The Lollipops. Quality guitar driven indie-rock from Poland is what this young band offers us with their debut album "Hold!", just released. Sometimes recalling Ms. PJ Harvey, here you'll find garage rock, punk-pop ("Let's Go Baby") traces and some quiet, dream-pop passages (great "Girls Night Out"), always with the addictive and hazy voice of Kasia Staszko presiding the music. Below you can listen the whole record. Do it!
the Search for the lollipops holdlollipops HOLD!

The Very Most. Third time an EardrumsPop EP makes it on Discoverer series (Boca Chica and Baffin Island), but the reason is very simple: if you love indie-pop, you will love EardrumsPop. The Very Most (already mentioned on the Baffin Island post) are from Boise, Idaho, USA, and they are stunning craftsmanships of pop gems. They've been active since 2002, so there's plenty to discover. I strongly recommend you to start with the joyful "Alien Girl", standout track of this EP, and once you are converted, go for their third full-length, "A Year With The Very Most". You won't regret it.
The Very Most - ePop017 - digital single by EardrumsPop

The Ruling ClassRemember Madchester? The Stone Roses? Ok, let's admit it, "Umbrella Folds" seems like a less-danceable ripoff of "Waterfall"...but to heck with it. The music of this Swedish-British band, included on the "Tour de Force" Ep, released by the great Shelflife Records (another label to look closely) is so fun and exciting you shouldn't care that much about the revivalism thing. Listen to songs like "Marian Shrine" or "Sleeping Beauty" and you won't be able to do anything else than dancing and "tripping" ( careful about that part).

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