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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Discoverer 35: new indie findings

It's been a long long while since the last chapter of our "Discoverer" series, but here we are, with three new fantastic proposals. Hope you enjoy!

Shrag. Checking the indispensable Fortuna Pop! website I found "Tendons in the Night", blistering song included on a split 7" with Tunabunny. I quickly searched for more. Since 2003, two albums (currently under the spell of "Life! Death! Prizes!") and nine singles, a stunning combination of indiepop and post-punk, that immediately recalls to Comet Gain. And the best is yet to come, as the London/Brighton band is releasing their third album, "Canines", in a couple of weeks. Judge by yourself (single "Show Your Canines", video below, is ridiculously addictive) but I'm already counting down the days for the release!
Shrag - Chasing Consummations by Shrag
  Rabbit Kids by Shrag
The Belljars. Not much info on this quintet from Umeå, Sweden, that describe themselves as a band inspired by the "two great decades of pop, the '60's and the '90's", that after "being around for a few years, finally managed to get a decent recording". But this four songs, "The Belljars EP", available for free at their bandcamp, are not just "decent". This are gold indiepop tunes, in particular "You Will Know", with the gorgeous female-male vocals and the violins, and "Found You", summoning the spirit of early (and missed) The Cardigans or Acid House Kings. Sweden again, fellows. Yes!
Evans the Death. This was recommended by our friend Jeremy Jensen (The Very Most), so it was granted we were going to discover a great band. There's no letdown here, not even time for it!. "Bo Diddley", "Catch Your Cold", "Telling Lies", "Threads", "I'm So Unclean" (superb)... a collection of upbeat hits, guitar-driven indiepop-punk, in which singer Katherine Whitaker stands out, propelling the tunes with her vocals, shining also in the exquisite mellower numbers. The more I listen their s/t debut album (out through Slumberland and Fortuna Pop!, another plus) the more I'm haunted. You were right dear Jeremy, the only bad thing about Evans the Death is their name.

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