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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Primavera Sound 2012 in brief, day 1

This morning I can make a quick post about how is it going the Primavera Sound Festival so far... To start with, the "Opening Day", Wednesday 30th!

The Wedding Present at PS
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The Good
Barcelona-Primavera Sound: From many points of view, "opening" the Festival to the city is a great decision from the organization. And the location, Arc de Triomf, is an excellent choice for a free, open-air gig.
Discovering Myths: The first one on a Festival that so far is being great in that area. Didn't know what to expect from the Wedding Present, but after the gig all I can say is that I was happily impressed. On research mode since now on!
Sound quality: Past edition at Poble Espanyol was quite disappointing in that sense. Major improvement at the Arc de Triomf.

The Bad
View from the Arc Triomf on Wed. 30th
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Massification: Of course, one "collateral damage" of "approaching" the Festival to Barcelona is the risk of massification. The Arc quickly became overcrowded, and with the extremely hot weather, it was a bit too much. And sorry to say, there was a vast amount of people just "showing-up", something usual about this city, extremely worried about how it looks and not about what it does, not giving a s*** about the music, and frustrating the ones that were there to hear the bands with their constant chatting, shouting or, plain stupid behaviour. We gave up after the first songs of the Black Lips as we were too pissed by people.
Discovering new bands: Not really impressed with No More Lies (ages away from my tastes), and Jeremy Jay, sorry.

Fabulous The Walkmen
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The Queen
The Walkmen: What a band. Great performance, with Hamilton Leithauser being a thunderous performer again. New songs from "Heaven" sounded amazing, and even the silly people (as mentioned on the previous paragraph) couldn't frustrate enjoying such a powerful song like "The Rat". My only complains. They didn't played "We Can't We Beat", a song I can stop hearing and that the gig was too short! We want you back in Barcelona"!

Thursday's brief coming very very soon!

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