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Monday, June 4, 2012

Primavera Sound 2012 in brief, day 5

Last report of the Primavera Sound. Here's Sunday's quick review!

The Good
At Ciutadella: A relaxed way of enjoying music. The line-up for Sunday at Parc of Ciutadella was very attractive, and despite the amount of people was notorious, the atmosphere and vibe was nice and inviting. Cosmen Adelaida (friendly people), Girl Names gave nice performances, and the always exuberant tunes (so happy to see the impressive audience they gathered) of Veronica Falls was indeed a fantastic closure of the gigs at such an original venue.
Veronica Falls. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
With Cosmen Adelaida. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

Nacho Vegas on screen.
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Nacho Vegas: Not a fan, but was intrigued with the chance of seeing him live at Arc de Triomf. Probably in front of the wrong crowd, and not with the best vocal performance I'm sure, but what a tremendous lyricist he is. "Cómo Hacer Crac" is terrific (and necessary).

The Bad
Joe Crepúsculo: Being this a personal blog this is of course just my opinion, but I don't understand what is he doing at Primavera Sound. Well, as a matter of fact, I don't think he deserves any of the credit he has. Terrible terrible music. Cheap, derivative electronic sounds with atrocious vocals. Hard to forget, like nightmares.
Weird Arc de Triomf: I already said that, regarding what happened on Wednesday, the massification at Arc de Triomf has been one of the few negative things of the Festival. Masses aside, to me, the order in which the artists played yesterday was also quite weird, with three singer-songwriters on the afternoon-night slots, while the more danceable/playful one (tastes aside) performed earlier in the afternoon. That arguable line-up, mixed with the rain, and a vast amount of crowd just worried about the conversation or the next drink/cigarette, made me decide on missing Richard Hawley.
Music under the rain at PS12.
Photo: Bloodbuzzed

The Queen
In order not to make an overlong post, please allow me to reserve the final remarks for another post: a personal overview of the whole Primavera Sound. Find it here.

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