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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Primavera Sound 2012 in brief, day 3

Ms Laura Marling.
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
With Sharon Van Etten.
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
More Primavera Sound Festival, here's Friday's June 1st quick review!

The Good
The "fan" moment: Before leaving the Fòrum, I had the chance of saying hi to Sharon Van Etten, who was very gentle and kind. Great way to end the night. Here's the pic to prove it!
The Auditorium day: In 2011's edition I didn't get into the Auditorium, so I was really looking forward to do it. As recommended by Jeremy Jensen from The Very Most, Nick Garrie was ace (except one song near the end, when the sound, literally, faded for a long while). Following him came Laura Marling, who also gave a solid show, although being a bit cold with the audience. And the best was yet to come...
The Chameleons. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The Chameleons: Sure, the looks are not the same (time takes its toll in all of us) but Mark Burgess and Co. played a very solid show. Was nice to hear such epic tunes live.

The Bad
I Break Horses: Awful sound, the gig was totally ruined for me and we decided to leave cause our ears were hurting. Shame because their record is so wonderful.
Overlaps again: On this day I missed Lower Dens, The War On Drugs and and hour of The Cure. Not the worst day, but still.
The Cure: Nothing bad to say about their gig. I was among the ones that didn't watch in its entirety, but I have the feeling, judging from the area where I was sitting, that many many people got tired of such a long performance. Sure devoted fans won't say the same. Just my impression..
Ray-Ban Unplugged: It's a very nice idea, but in such a huge Festival, I doubt you can really enjoy this sort of intimate performances. I couldn't enjoy Beach Beach's show due to the amount of people and heat.

All-stars playing Big Star tunes.
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The Queen
Big Star's Third/Sister Lovers: One of the most haunting music experiences of my life. I admit I was going because the idea of watching a 3 hours gig from The Cure was too much for me (like them, but not such a devoted fan) and because R.E.M.'s Mike Mills was one of the guest stars playing. But from the very beginning (I arrived while they were at soundcheck/arranging things) I could feel something was going to happen. It was fun, emotional, sincere, passionate. Wilco's Jeff Tweedy enjoying himself singing "Kizza Me", Teenage's Fanclub's Norman Blake teaming with Mills for the joyous "Jesus Christ" and Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor making an irresistible rendition of "Femme Fatale", Sharon Van Etten and Django Haskins doing "Holocaust", and many many more... I was a privileged witness of an unforgettable music session, played by incredible musicians celebrating the songs of Alex Chilton and his superb band. Thank You Primavera Sound for introducing me into Big Star in such a unique way. Thank You Friends.

Saturday's report following very soon!

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