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Monday, June 4, 2012

Primavera Sound 2012 in brief, day 4

The amazing Sharon Van Etten.
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
As promised, here's the next chapter of the Primavera Sound Festival, Saturday's review!

The Good
A great day of music: I was lucky to enjoy 3 great concerts on Saturday. First, Sharon Van Etten. After meeting her the previous night, I have to say her performance was magnetic. Still have goosebumps when I remember how powerful sounded "Serpents". Please don't miss the chance to listen her. Second, Kings of Convenience (read below). And third, Real Estate, who gave a fantastic, superb gig. I enjoyed their performance so much that they made me forget completely Beach House was playing at the same time. What an incredible record is "Days".
Real Estate. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Nice record fair: In between the Chromatics and Mujeres, we spent some time at the record fair. It is small, and prices are a bit high in general terms, but some Spanish labels were super friendly. The people of El Genio Equivocado (I didn't have the time to go back and buy some stuff, my bad!) and Subterfuge were specially kind.

The Bad
Lisabö storming Ray-ban's stage.
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Lisabö, Chromatics and Mujeres: The first two weren't really bad concerts, just that they are not my taste. Well, in the case of Chromatics, it was the confirmation I don't get (aside the "Drive" soundtrack factor) their hype at all. With the exception of the Neil Young cover, to me the gig was unremarkable, and I don't think they sounded great live. Must be me for sure, because they gathered a huge audience at Pitchfork stage. The case of Mujeres was different. Their album is excellent, and I assume their music style has to be rougher, edgier live, but it was hard to hear what they were singing or enjoying their melodic lines.
Overlaps again: BEACH HOUSE. I missed Beach House. Enough said.
Chaos at the Auditorium: Its ok to make a queue (waiting for Father John Misty), completely understandable considering the venue and the amount of people. So, if you are there for almost 30 minutes, being among the first ones on the line, its quite irritating to see how, out of the blue, security staff decide entrance is going to be different this time, and many people who were there way after you on the line gets in before you.

Kings of Convenience, at the end
of their gig. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The Queen
Kings of Convenience
: Of the trio of "mandatory" gigs for the day (the other two being the aforementioned shows of Sharon Van Etten and Real Estate), this was the one with lower expectations for me. I like the Norwegian's music, but I always have the sense they are a band to enjoy in "small doses". Otherwise their records become a bit repetitive for me. Besides, I had serious doubts about how their intimate proposal would fit at the main stage of the Festival. Soon I realised my fears were unjustified. They first excelled as a duo, winning the audience with their friendly and natural attitude, and a crystal clear sound that allowed the crowd to enjoy their superb talent to create unforgettable melodies... and when the acoustic/mellow tunes were on the verge of being "too much"... Kings of Convenience became a full band, almost, a "funky" group for a couple of songs, giving a much needed impulse to keep the vibe of the gig alive. Needless to say their show was a total triumph. Everyone who was there had a smile on his/her face after the gig ended.

And last but not least, Sunday's report coming next!

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