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Monday, June 18, 2012

Stop awful covers 4

The horror continues... fourth chapter of a very depressing and disgusting series of posts. It's scary to see the enormous amount of records with zero effort or very bad taste in their artworks lately. I will never understand how a musician would want/allow to have a cover like the ones below...


Friends: Manifest!
Yeah, a manifest. A kitsch, flashy, tacky manifest

Liars: WIXIW / iamamiwhoami: kin
Put them together as they show similar examples of zero effort.To the maximum expression

                                    Love of Lesbian: La Noche Eterna/Los Días No Vividos
More zero effort, Spanish version

Alex Winston- King Con
Graphism as "good" as the album title...

Santigold: Master of My Make-Believe
Another flashy one. Santigold is a "regular" when it comes to awful artwork

St.Vincent and David Byrne- Love This Giant
What a way to destroy a simple but ok cover... why Annie why?

Gossip: A Joyful Noise
Scary, don't you think?

CocoRosie: We Are on Fire (single)
Another "usual suspect", CocoRosie keeps with their unique taste in what refers to artwork...

Crocodiles: Endless Flowers
And the winner is.... this terrible terrible one. A close competitor for Trust

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