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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Primavera Sound 2012 in brief, day 2

Doble Pletina. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
And following the first post on the Primavera Sound Festival development here's the second part about what happened on Thursday 31st, now at the Parc del Fòrum.

The Good
Mr Dury. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Spanish twee-pop: I was looking for Doble Pletina's gig, and they didn't disappoint me. On the contrary, I ended their show with the feeling I finally found a band that does justice to twee-pop in Spain. Lovely.
Sound quality: All stages sounded really well. Cheers for that!
Great afternoon: Doble Pletina, Baxter Dury (another nice discovery, they reminded me Blur, and Baxter is a charismatic frontman), Archers of Loaf (I was just making time) and Lee Ranaldo. Diversity, with great sounding and seen in a comfortable way. That offer is what makes the PS unbeatable.
Beirut: A music obligation that I finally saw live. It wasn't a completely satisfying gig, but still, debt paid.
The Bad
Massification: I know that compared with last year's edition this problem has improved, but moving from or to the Mini stage (named Llevant in 2011) is a nightmare when the headliners gigs start. I'm sure I'm not the only who is deciding about the "overlaps" having in mind distances, and in particular, avoiding that stage.
So-so night: Linked with the previous one and what I wrote on the post about the first day. Too much people is just at PS just for the sake of "being there" and is annoying for the ones that are there for the music. Beirut's and Franz Ferdinand's gigs (although for latest one we were keen with the idea of watching it from the distance, in a more relaxed way) were a bit dull due to the combination of masses, tolerable levels of discomfort but many annoying people, constantly chatting or moving around when the song was unknown/known for them.
Hope Sandoval. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
No mercy for the press: That long and very slow queue under the criminal sun was the worst thing ever. Wouldn't be easier to allow the press to pick our accreditation during the previous days, as the rest of the attending public?
Overlaps: Missed The Afghan Whigs, Wilco, Spiritualized due to overlaps. That hurts.
Mazzy Star: Really awaiting for this gig, and it was a complete disappointment. Just my opinion, but to me Hope Sandoval sounded tired and cold. Lifeless gig.

The Queen
Lee Ranaldo: If on Wednesday the "indie myth" I discovered was The Wedding Present, on Thursday I was blown out by Lee Ranaldo. I started checking his album "Between the Times and the Tides" just a couple of weeks before the start of Primavera, and my addiction was growing steadily. But after seeing him playing now I'm totally converted. What a guitar maestro, what a stunning performance. What a great record, to me a crossover between R.E.M's and the softened version of  Sonic Youth's guitar style. Mesmerizing.

Friday's brief coming next!

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