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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Indie Anthology 14: essential songs

New chapter of the Anthology, digging a bit into my recent past this time, with another criminally underrated band, and a very very special place on Earth!

Song: Talent
Artist: The Brilliant Trees
Year: 1996

It was just a matter of time and the right person to go with, but I finally did visit Ireland, on 2006. The particular story of the country, my (then) U2 fanatical behaviour, the literature... I would say that everything regarding the Emerald Island had a mythical halo for me. As expected, I enjoyed a lot that trip, bringing back with me many memories, and of course, a lot of music. U2 aside, I got my hands on a couple of records from The Brilliant Trees, one of these superb bands that music history didn't do any justice. I remember shouting on the tiny (but cool) record store in Dublin when I found "Friday Night", their debut album, where the song "Talent" was included. What a tune, perfect jangle pop with an inner fire and a disarming honesty in the voice of Alan Hoey and the Barrett's guitars. Their brief discography was full of enduring melodic gems ("Let It All Go" is another masterpiece), but "Talent" is unforgettable, being the song that comes to mind when I remember that trip. And Ireland? I know for sure I'll be back soon.

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