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Friday, March 2, 2012

Playlisting: cover suggestions for The Very Most

Our dear friends from The Very Most were asking for song proposals to cover in their facebook on Tuesday. It took me a little while, 'cause I can imagine many tunes Jeremy and Co. could do wonders with, but here's a little playlist with my ideas. The band has already decided for a song from The Feelings (good choice as always) but anyway, is a good excuse for hearing great music!
1. Throw Aggi Off the Bride- Black Tambourine
2. Times Table- The Hi-Life Companion (wouldn't be great a cover between blog favourites?)
3. Suspended From Class- Camera Obscura
4. Me and the Farmer- The Housemartins
5. My Wandering Days Are Over- Belle and Sebastian
6. Catapult- R.E.M. (would die to hear TVM doing an early R.E.M. song, hard to choose one)
7. Ain't That Enough- Teenage Fanclub (or "Sparky's Dream", or "I Need Direction")
8. Black Cab- Jens Lekman
9. Let Mother Nature Be Your Guide- BMX Bandits
10. Sing Me Spanish Techno- The New Pornographers
11. If It's Not You- Language of Flowers
12. Some Kind of Angel- Mojave 3

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