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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Indie Anthology 7: essential songs

Seventh song of our very particular anthology, let's go back to the gorgeous Sweden. How many melancholic, pensive, joyful, happy moments we owe you? Zillions of tunes to remember (I'll list my favourites one day). Indie-pop won't be the same without you. Swedish indie music, thank you.

Song: Fiction
ArtistThe Concretes
Year: 2006

It was a matter of time a Nordic band would make a record that became the soundtrack of my year. That a singer would hypnotize me. The band was The Concretes, the album, "In Colour", the year 2006 (crucial for me), and the singer, Victoria Bergsman. A stunning collection of pop wonders, "Chosen One", "On the Radio", "Grey Days", "Sunbeams", "Song for the Songs", and the uplifting, never-ending crescendo of "Fiction", shining recap of the album. The sort of song that can give you the strength to do the unthinkable. Don't underestimate what pop can do for you.

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