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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Discoverer 33: new indie findings

Our weekend proposals are here!

Dunes. This trio from LA came to life in 2009, from the ashes of defunct punk bands, and while they were roommates. After a self-titled 12' EP, a 7' and a single during 2010-11, "Noctiluca", their debut album is out now. And what a record this is. Sounds as it was created in another world. It's dreamy, lush, atmospheric and expansive. Cocteau Twins meets "Murmur"? Guitars jangle and echo, Stephanie Chan's voice and harmonies highlights the mood, while her lyrics intrigue you. Every element relies, in a beautiful tension, on another, so the LP is an incredibly suggestive whole, a mysterious artefact that has been just revealed.
Vertical Walk
Jukebox Adieu
Tied Together

Alpaca Sports. Our second proposal hails from Gothenburg, Sweden. I was reluctant to include them, as we have only been able to hear two songs from the band, but both are so lovely that I couldn't resist it. This is the new music project of Andreas Jonsson and it has arrived to us in the form of the irresistible single "Just For Fun", out now. Two indie-pop wonders, delicate, lush (marvellous arrangements), catchy and memorable. Awww, Sweden, what would we be without you? Needless to say, we want more music from Alpaca Sports!
Just for fun by Alpaca Sports
I'll never win by Alpaca Sports

The Stammer. And our last proposal today comes from Philadelphia, USA. They recently dropped by the blog inbox, and it was a matter of seconds I realised this wasn't a "average" band. What a stormy and immediate indie-rock. Impressive. First a project by vocalist Brian Brotman, it quickly evolved into a four-piece band, and since February with a self-titled debut EP out. Four songs that serve as an infectious compendium of post-punk, with an amazing talent to combine tones, styles and melodies. Expect droning guitars, synths and buzzing vocals. Expect greatness.

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