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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Indie Anthology 6: essential songs

For our sixth anthologic song, one of my favourite voices in music.

Song: Sweep Down Early
Artist: The Innocence Mission
Year: 2003

Some music has a healing, curative power. The sort of music you don't hear on a daily basis, but you know its there for you, waiting to comfort you when you need it. I discovered The Innocence Mission around 2004, thanks to an indie magazine saluting "Befriended", as another fine example of the gorgeous folk-pop of the band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I was haunted immediately for the combination of vibrating guitars, delicate strings and pianos, the space created in every chord, the jazzy and breezy melodies and of course, the incredible voice of Karen Peris. I could name a dozen songs that could fit here. They are synonym of evocative, moving, disarmingly beautiful music.

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