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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stop awful album covers 3

The epidemic of horrible music artwork continues this year. I felt somewhat forced to compile some of the worst covers of 2012 so far after seeing the last one of the set (be careful if you suffer from cardiac affections). I know, what matters is inside the sleeve, but artists, please respect your music, no more awful artworks like this ones!


The Ting Tings: Sounds from Nowheresville
Look! "Eddie" has a girlfriend! Ugh. The Ting Tings are "reoffenders"

The Chap: We Are Nobody
Why would you like to ruin your album with such an uninspired image? Reoffenders too

The Mars Volta: Noctourniquet
Prog-rock covers would deserve a separate post... umm better keep my mouth shout

Futurecop!: The Movie
Luckily, the "movie" doesn't exist

Toro y Moi: Underneath the Pine
I will never get why some people find eating food attractive for a picture or a video...

Varry Brava: Demasié
Spanish response to The Strokes' "Angles"? But who was demanding it?

New Build: Yesterday was Lived and Lost
I see a lemon. And huge amounts of drugs "creating" this cover

Sewave Tapes: Sewer Greats Volume IV
Classy, don't you think? But it can get worse. Just look below

Trust: TSRT
___________________ (*)

*(empty space reserved for your opinion, blogger would close down this blog if I give mine)

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