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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Discoverer 32: new indie findings

Strawberry Wiplash. Honestly, I discovered this Glaswegian duo in 2008, after releasing their debut EP "Who's in Your Dreams" in the essential label Matinee Recordings. But I admit I had lost track of them since then. Luckily this digital era always give you second chances, so after hearing "Stop, Look and Listen" the hyper-addictive, fuzzed twee-pop pill I'm back following songwriter and guitarist Lawrence McClusky and the charming vocals of Sandra. The single announces the arrival of "Hits in the Car" their first album, out on 27 March 2012. Won't be missed this time!
Stop, Look And Listen by Strawberry Whiplash
In The Blink Of An Eye by Strawberry Whiplash
Strawberry Whiplash - Now I Know It's You by Strawberry Whiplash

Fountains. The most exciting band to reach my inbox lately is this five-piece based in London. Only three songs available (run to their bandcamp, download freely and get the ultra-limited tapes!), but what an impressive debut is this "No Sleep" EP, out since February (review coming soon). The Wild Swans meeting Joy Division? The combination sounds too great to believe it, but this tunes are THAT BIG. They define themselves as shoegazers, but I dare to say this is "just" astonishing indie music. They've told me they are looking for the right label now. If there's hope in this planet they should have their phone collapsed by calls.    

Maple Leaves. Still in Glasgow (with a bit Northern England) for our third proposal. Maple Leaves formed at an open mic night in 2008 by Anna Miles and Julian Corrie, quickly evolving into a trio. They made quite a buzz, receiving the praise of Stuart Murdoch from Belle and Sebastian, who selected Miles as a singer on his "God Help the Girl" project. They debuted in 2010 with the EP "Golden Ether", and now as four-piece, they will release "Robots" EP this spring. Skilled but dreamy and compelling indie-pop, infused by a folkie and lush instrumentation (that flute). Lovable band.

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