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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Bright, third win by knock-out!

The Bright. Music Hall, Barcelona, March 3rd

The Bright at Music Hall.
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Being this the third review of a concert from The Bright you should know by now this blog loves them. Saw them twice on 2011, first in the intimacy of a FNAC store, having just discovered their album (I insist, check "Soundtrack for a Winter's Tale", you won't regret it), and left me longing for more. A naturally charming couple, with disarmingly honest and powerful folk-rock. The second show arrived in November, at Sidecar. Despite repeating the duo format, this was a proper gig, proving that besides songs, Myriam and Aníbal have the needed live presence.

Myriam at Music Hall
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
So, after two concerts, was there anything new to offer? Yes sir, a lot more than I could imagine. Finally the duo arrived to Barcelona with a full-band format. The place, Music Hall, proved to be a pretty venue with a good sounding, and the promise of new songs were incentives enough to be excited for. But the start wasn't easy.

You can have a small audience but succeed. But having a small, very cold and distant audience seems too big adversities against any band. And, at least during the first songs, The Bright struggled to battle that sort of apathy among the public. Which is frustrating, because "Rocking Chair" or "Losing Your Way" were amazing in their electric versions, and the new tune "Rotten Crops" is among their best so far.
Playing the haunting "Eyes"
Photo: Bloodbuzzed

But this couple from León have "that something" and they were relentless in their effort to connect the hesitant public, using "Private Garden", "Coffee and Wine", "Waving Flag" and "Soundtrack", that is, heavy-fire, to reach the halfway point of the gig. And to round off this turning point of the gig, they offered a wonderful rendition of a Bob Dylan's song. The audience finally showed up. The Bright "rescued" them.

The setlist of the gig
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
From there on, the concert vibe changed and the Bright offered gem after gem, showing us their diverse but equally brilliant music. From the stunning rendition of Neil Young's "Cowgirl in the Sand" (it might sound like an heresy to many, but what a difference is hearing it from Myriam's' voice), to the playful versions of Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin, the rockiers "Dirty Town" and "They'll Go Away" or the mesmerizing "Eyes", taking benefit of the silence on the venue, to create a moment of haunting beauty.

So, third time, third knock-out win by The Bright!

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