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Friday, March 23, 2012

Spanish Indie 8: suggesting the best national acts

Stunning new proposals of Spanish alternative bands for you! Hope you like them!

Pegasvs. One of the best records I have heard this year so far comes from Barcelona. Their authors are Sergio Pérez and Luciana della Villa, veterans of the Spanish alternative/underground, that finally have the attention of the (indie) media as a duo with this homonym debut. And with a reason. Motorik rhythms and hyperbolic, cascading melodies, between Neu! and Stereolab, this is addictive krautrock with pop ambitions, propelling the listener to a unique place. A spot among the national best albums at the end of 2012 lists is granted.
Pegasvs by Pegasvs

Jane Joyd. I warned you. Hailing from A Coruña, Elba Fernández, aka Ms. Jane Joyd, was fated for great things. She only needed an EP on 2010 to become a must-see promise. Then she won the Proyecto Demo 2011, having the chance of showing her talents at festivals like Benicàssim (where I discovered her). Now she presents "Shy Little Jane Presents: The Dramatic Tale of Her Animals", second EP and the debut at Origami Records. Long title for an immense, hazy, rich and rewarding work. Folk, jazz, a haunting voice... and the confirmation that here's a talent that MUST be followed.

Juanita y Los Feos. Shall we (indie) dance? I have found the perfect soundtrack for it. A killing cocktail of punk-pop, new wave, garage, synths, bursts of guitars, surreal lyrics and an immediate feeling of fun. All comprised in 12 doses of 2:30 minutes' tunes, the perfect recipe to keep you moving. Hailing from Madrid, and with a quite a long history behind their backs, the band formed in 2004, published several EPs until "Juanita y Los Feos", their first LP in 2007. More EPs followed before "Pesadilla adulta", at the end of 2011. A second album that you should listen... and dance!

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